A WOMAN of Lusaka has forgiven her brother-in-law who threatened to shoot her for advising him to be responsible and supportive to a woman he had a child with and the toddler.

Chainama Hills Hospital psychiatric doctor Francis Simenda walked to freedom last week after Ms Nalukui Musialela, his sister-in-law, forgave him.

The matter was before Lusaka resident magistrate Humphrey Chitalu where Dr Simenda was facing a count of threatening violence.

“Both families have sat down and we have resolved to reconcile. As family, we are satisfied with the outcome of our meeting. Kindly, we are asking you to drop the charge against Dr Francis Simenda,” Ms Musialila.

Particulars of the offence were that on 11th April, 2015, Dr Simenda did threaten to injure Ms Musialike by pointing a firearm at her.

This was after Ms Musialike advised Dr Simenda to be responsible and supportive to a woman, whom he has a child with, and to the child.

Instead of appreciating Ms Musialike’s advice, Dr Simenda instead produced a gun and pointed it at her and threatened to gun her down.

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