Simuusa has a point on KCM’S imported toxic copper concentrate

The importation of copper concentrates from Chile by KCM has been a source of concern and worry by a lot of Zambians and the voice coming from the Member of Parliament for Nchanga is just but one of those concerns.

We are plainly told that this concentrate is toxic compared to concentrates found in Zambia or DRC and one wonders what is the rationale behind this importation.

The Government has the responsibility to protect its citizens and if what has been advanced by learned mining engineers and KCM itself over the side effects of this concentrate is to go by, then we surely have a lot to worry about.

It should also be noted that some side effects may not be immediate but with time and maybe KCM may not even be there to answer for any of the effects on the people of Chingola and Zambia at large.

Let the debated  on this toxic concentrate be broaden so that the consensus is reached by all stakeholders for the sake of the people of Chingola.

We definitely don’t want to have our mothers and sisters start producing deformed children many years to come because of what can be prevented.

Concerned citizen


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