Chief Ngabwe dispute erupts


IGNITIOUS Kashoka should stop masquerading as Chief Ngabwe and also threatening Ngabwe District Commissioner Melody Phiri because the chiefdom has had no traditional leader since 2008, the Ngabwe Royal Establishment has said.

Acting Ngabwe Royal Establishment Chairman Dennis Mubanga told the Daily Nation yesterday that Mr. Kashoka was brewing confusion in Ngabwe district by diverting the attention of the people from his illegal land selling scheme.

Last week, Mr. Kashoka threatened to drag the district commissioner and his nephew Allan Lupenga to court for allegedly failing to recognise him as chief who was traditionally put on the throne and was just waiting to be gazetted by Government.

Mr Kashoka explained that he was surprised that the Ngabwe District Commissioner had failed to recognise him as the duly chosen traditional leader for the chiefdom and had even failed to pay a courtesy call on him ever since she was appointed despite being shown documents from the courts of law which showed that he won the case against his nephew who had dragged him to court over the same.

But Mr. Mubanga yesterday said there had been no chief in Ngabwe since 2008 when the succession disputes erupted after the death of the incumbent.

“We, the Ngabwe Royal Establishment are deeply saddened by claims that Mr. Ignitious Kashoka is chief Ngabwe of the Lenje-Lamba speaking people of Central Province because we have no chief in Ngabwe,” Mr. Mubanga said.

He accused Mr. Kashoka of using the office of the DC to spread his falsehood in order to attract sympathy from his followers and those who did not know what was happening on the ground in the district.

Mr Mubanga said  Mr. Kashoka should leave Ms. Phiri alone because she was only a civil servant who was sent there to serve the people in the district and observed that she had represented government very well.

“We want to echo what the DC said on this matter. Mr. Kashoka has never been gazetted by Government as chief Ngabwe because there are wrangles in the chiefdom which have not yet been resolved. As such, he cannot continue to pose as chief; he must have respect for custom and tradition,” he said.

Mr Mubanga said when the Central Province Minister, Davis Chisopa visited the district recently, he did not pay a courtesy call on anyone because he knew that there was no chief in the area and that his visit was to familiarise himself with reports that there were rampant illegal selling of land, to which Mr. Kashoka was a culprit.

“All the issues mentioned by Mr. Kashoka should be ignored as the main issue is the reported illegal land allocation and the sale of settlements in exchange for cattle. He must just prepare himself to answer to the queries,” he said.


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