FJT remembered


Yesterday June 18 marked the fourth year since the loss of my mentor FJT and for those who vilified him they laughed when they saw him suffer due to the many visits he made to our courts. But they forget that a coin has two faces. Yes they played their heads well and thought they have won. Alas the coin has flipped to tails. It is your time to be vilified. You thieves, plunderers and looters, we are patiently waiting and soon the courts will be your playing ground. We will have the last laugh. R.I.P. -FJT

Micky, Lusaka




Subject Barotseland issue to a referendum


It pains me each time the issue of Barotseland pops up and I think there is only one thing to this issue to be done. Take  it to the referendum (vote yes or no) to remain a unitary state or break away from the main land (mother Zambia).

Mwansa K, Chongwe 




Zambia should promote unity  


Zambians should not uproot the seeds of hard work, peace, divine care that God has bestowed on this land of abundance. We are a great people. Let us hold hands in sincere unity, above personal agenda in order for more success to spill over to other nations of the globe to learn and implement the mother Zambia style of hard work and unity.

Pastor Prince M. Kabala







Lungu should ignore  prophets of doom


PF in Government will lead Zambia to 100 years independence centenary celebrations because the Zambian people are happy with PF management of the country’s affairs. Long live President Edgar Lungu. Please ignore prophets of doom they are failures.

Nayunda, Lusaka 





Supreme Court erred on Liato


The Supreme Court has sent an innocent man (Austin Liato) to jail. The State has failed to prove beyond any reasonable doubt any connection between the money and farm on one hand and any crime if at all there was.

Kachingwe Ptke



Wynter Kabimba joker of the year 


Wynter Kabimba is the joker of the year. Who can vote for you? Have you seen the damage you have done when you were in PF? Youths today are carrying pangas and machetes because of you. Kabimba you need to go on your knees and ask for forgiveness from God because of the evil things you have done instead of forming Rainbow Party, God’s time is the best.

Mercy Mphanza


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