Council plunder

WE agree with those calling for investigations into the sale of play parks and other recreational facilities by the Lusaka City Council to establish why the process was a secret affair as though the community properties were security establishments.

Whatever prompted the councillors to embark on this indiscriminate sale of properties in Lusaka should be known and measures put in place to avoid plunder of council property in future.

We suspect plunder because of the manner the city fathers have gone about the entire transactions.

According to Lusaka City Town Clerk, Alex Mwansa, there was one advertisement which appeared in the Times of Zambia on the tennis and basketball courts when so many properties were sold or are about to be sold.

Even in the tennis and basketball courts, we cannot be blamed for suspecting that the advertisement was conveniently done by the council knowing that a preferred bidder would see it.

The reasons that the council is giving for the sale of the properties are not only outrageous but also puzzling.

If indeed, the council wanted to improve the operations of the council, why not consult or publicise the sale so that residents are not puzzled about the source of money for a council that has been crying out for financial support from Government.

Our city fathers should stop their perception of play parks and other recreational places as facilities that unreasonably take up space which would otherwise be used for building houses or shopping malls.

The parks and other recreational facilities have a role to play in the geographical setting of towns and the well-being of individuals, especially those who live in urban settings and do not enjoy the out of town environment.

The parks offer residents of a particular area refuge from the hustle and bustle of city life.

These are places where residents of a particular community can relax and get away, socialize, and be in contact with nature when well maintained.

Apart from their use for leisure, play parks and other recreational places play important roles in urban landscape.

This is the reason why we find the decision by Lusaka City Council to sell play parks and other recreational centres as beating logic.

We know that the parks and other council community facilities have not been maintained for a long time, but this is what our city fathers should have worked on.

With Government reconstructing roads in the city, the council should have played its part to beautify the play parks and rehabilitate other recreational facilities to make them conducive to the public.

As for now, Government should heed calls to probe the secret transaction in the disposal of community property, which has been going on for a long time now.


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