Sondashi Formula setbacks explained

GOVERNMENT has no capacity to validate a cure for HIV/AIDS and no such process has been undertaken to substantiate the Sondashi Formula as a cure for AIDS.

The Minister of Health Joseph Kasonde told Parliament yesterday that there have not been any scientific tests undertaken to prove the efficacy of the Sondashi Formula (SF2000) as a proven cure of AIDS because there were no facilities in the country to ensure the due process of validation.

This was in response to questions to the Ministry of Health on what progress has been made on establishing a cure for HIV/AIDS and if there was any validity done on the Ludwig Sondashi local herb being the cure for HIV.

There has been increasing controversy over the authenticity of claims that the formula has been proved to treat and heal patients suffering from the deadly HIV and subsequently AIDS.

Parliament heard yesterday that while efforts have been made by the inventor of the formula to involve foreign investment in the validation process, there was reported misunderstanding over the patency and financial ownership of the product.

Dr Kasonde said as a country, Zambia was unable to meet the requirements in the validation process, including the establishment of content and making of capsules which would be used to substantiate its efficacy in conventional medicine.


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