Don’t blame State over Chief Chiengele’s fate


THE Mbundas of Western Province should not blame Government for the dethronement of Chief Chiengele because they saw it coming, says Barotse Freedom Movement national secretary Chazele Mulasikwanda.

He claimed Chief Chiengele had refused to present himself to the Barotse Royal Establishment when he was summoned to the Kuta to answer to his alleged misconduct that led to his dethronement by the Litunga.

Mr Mulasikwanda said if anything, Government had played its role by withdrawing Chief Chiengele’s recognition, as the dethronement by the Litunga last year was enough.

“Even the Government itself knows that there are some issues that are supposed to be addressed by the chiefs themselves before the Government intervenes, and in this case the Government should not be blamed by the move it has taken,” he said.

Late last year, Chief Chiengele was dethroned for allegedly not adhering to the traditional procedures and in the process sued the Barotse Royal Establishment.

Mr Mulasikwanda said it was shameful that some tribes in Western Province were trying to bring confusion for failing to understand simple guidelines and to follow procedure.

He said there was no tribalism, but that people wanted to plant a bad seed to divide the people.

“l have never liked the issue of tribalism where people like to talk about their tribes which has nothing to do with development. Let’s talk about issue-based politics that will be fruitful by the end of the day,” Mr Mulasikwanda said.

He said whether the people of Western Province liked it or not, all the chiefs were under the auspices of the Litunga.

Mr Mulasikwanda advised ethnic groups to desist from demanding for things that could not be achieved, as such was a recipe for anarchy.

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