Do not insult President Lungu

THERE is an old English adage which goes “Threatened men live longer, like all things trite, true.”

This can be said of President Lungu who is each day being insulted by some members and leaders of opposition political parties even when he has done nothing wrong.

Remember that biblical story of a woman caught red-handed committing adultery and was brought to Jesus Christ?

Her pursuers wanted her stoned to death as per Jewish tradition but Jesus answered that whoever has not committed any sin in their lives let them be the first to throw stones at the woman. They all left in ignominy.

It is the same with those who want to disparage President Lungu as if they are angels themselves.  Did they not commit mistakes while they were in Government or in their small one-man political parties?

Those who are paid to daily abuse President Lungu must know they too have the other side and should not live a life of holier than thou because it would be exposing double standards.

President Lungu has been in office for a short period and should be given room to mane0uver and do something for this country.

He may have made a gaffe here and there but who is perfect in this world? None. We all have the other side of our lives.

For those who have taken pleasure in insulting President Lungu, it may be possible that their other side of life could even be worse than they want to appear in the eyes of the public.

Zambians are currently facing a lot of challenges such as unemployment, high cost of living and abject poverty among others and want a kind of headship that can unshackle them from such vices.

Being discourteous is certainly not one of the solutions some political leaders want to peddle in their ridiculous political battles to unseat President Lungu.

Next general elections are just round the corner and people should not waste time by being petty because time to sell their ideas is now if they are seriously thinking about State House.

Even though it is a well known verity that President Lungu will carry the day next year, it is still important for the opposition to show some level of genuineness and maturity by keeping to issue-based politics if they are to win any votes from the electorate.

Nthengele Mpundu


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