Can MMD be saved from extinction?

IT IS now more than plain that opposition MMD is headed for extinction like it has happened to UNIP which today exists only on paper.

With the recent expulsions of its big wigs such  as Muhabi Lungu, Chembe  Nyangu and  others, the nail has been definitely hammered in the MMD sarcophagus.

One would have thought that the ideal ambiance in the MMD camp should have been one of forgiveness and ceasefire because this is not the time to be losing senior members of the party.

It positively points to what type of leadership is in MMD today. One which has no direction for homing. Its president Dr Nevers Mumba has really made MMD a dog’s meal no matter what he says. He has lost it all and his party cannot form government in next 20 years. What a pity.

But it is not too late. The party should call for an extraordinary convention to put in office new office-bearers including that of the party president to save the little that is left of MMD.

Superciliousness and big-headedness will not do. Those who want to bury their heads in the sand like the irrational ostrich and pretend that all is well will realise their mistake rather too late. Talking tough when you are walking on quick sand will not save MMD, the bona fide mother of democracy in Zambia.

I hope Dr Mumba will listen and listen well to the other voices of benevolence if he has to save the party from going into oblivion.

Ben Mpovya


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