Criminals plot PF downfall


THERE is a political conspiracy masterminded by criminals to achieve a change of governance in 2016, to enable them escape liability for the billions of kwacha they owe, Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has charged.

The criminals, he said, were using institutions of governance to make Government unpopular and in the process foment anarchy that would  undermine the Patriotic Front (PF) Government.

The criminals, he said, had “plants” in most Government institutions that  they were now using to leak information and undertake activities that would undermine the Government.

Mr Musoma said that it was sad that some opposition political parties were working with criminals who had an agenda to get off the legal hook if those they supported won the 2016 general elections.

He claimed there was a scheme to use opposition political parties who would be dumped soon after elections next year after their objectives were met.

“The writing is on the wall, but some political parties can’t see that they are being used to propagate these criminals’ objectives. They have gone further to condemn former president Rupiah Banda because they know that he is a political heavyweight.

“There is nothing wrong with President Edgar Lungu in tapping knowledge from Rupiah Banda because he (Banda) is a tested politician,” said Mr. Musoma

He said Zambians now realized the criminals’ gimmicks of bringing discontentment in the people.

“They know the party they are supporting has no agenda and will stop at nothing to smear Rupiah Banda as a bad man. But all this will not help them because they know that RB is a kind of person who cannot be pushed anyhow because he stands for what is right.

“They want a person who can pardon their wrongdoing even when they fail to pay back loans, even when they want to abuse the judicial system; They want one who can drop their court cases and one who can leave them even when they evade tax,” said Mr Musoma

He said ZRP supported the working relationship between President Lungu and former president Rupiah Banda because the latter was a political pillar who had sacrificed so much for Zambia.

“RB is a patriotic Zambian who gave up everything in order to join the fight for freedom and independence of the country. He did not look at his personal benefits but that of the country and that is what makes him stand out as a prolific political figure,

“ He came to lead the country and we saw what he did in the short time that he was in government. He managed to improve the economy of Zambia and provided sound leadership and that is why we, as ZRP, we support this relationship because it is for the benefit of Zambians,” he said.

He challenged other opposition political parties that were in the habit of being used by the cartel to dissolve their parties and join those they were supporting to gauge their purported popularity.


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