OUR traditional healers are notorious for making extravagant claims about their abilities.

They claim, for example  that herbs can make anybody rich. This is what they  say  in their advertisements whenever they are  inviting the financially deprived to sample their medicines.

While it is true that herbs can make sellers rich, it is difficult to ascertain whether the patients would themselves get rich upon intake of the remedies.

This is because we have never known anyone boasting that they got their riches through the intake of herbs.

Those who are rich or living comfortable lives boast of hard work or having inherited a fortune.

Therefore, it is surprising that traditional healers would opt to make others rich when their disposition does not portray trapping of wealth.

But still the deprived are willing to spend a little on herbs to ameliorate their predicament

It must be noted that no one wants to be poor and that everyone aspires to live a comfortable life that guarantees social and economic fulfilment.

So when traditional healers advertise herbs or medicines that create riches, it should be noted that they invite emotional reactions from those who are materially deprived as the poor want to afford the basic needs of life.

It is always important to understand desperate poor people do anything within their conscious to fulfil their desires.

They can perform embarrassing chores to generate some levels of income.

For some, they can commit criminal acts to make some money to overcome their deprivation.

It is for this reason that Government should step in and regulate the conduct of traditional healers who are claiming to cure all sorts of ailments, including poverty and HIV/AIDS.

While we agree that traditional medicine works as some of the conventional medicines are extracted from trees and roots, we do not believe that the power of these remedies should be exaggerated to an extent that they can make the poor rich.

But nowadays, it is common for traditional healers to advertise herbal medicines which can make the poor rich, among other remedies.

Honestly, why would anyone prefer medicines to get rich when the sure way of acquiring wealth is imbedded in hard work and financial planning?

Government should indeed take an interest in this matter as the failure to stop the practice has devastating consequences.

It would not be long for traditional healers to demand certain rituals to be performed for their herbal remedies to work which might probably result in the loss of life.

Therefore, an interest in this matter on the part of Government cannot be overemphasised.





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