Rainbow on growth path-Kabimba

Rainbow Party president Wynter Kabimba yesterday claimed that no political party in Zambian history has ever experienced such a phenomenal ground-swell of support within such a short period of time than his party.

He was speaking at the party’s first national congress in Lusaka yesterday.

Mr. Kabimba observed that his party had recorded massive growth throughout the country since its birth because it had a clear ideology.

“On 16th December, 2014, we announced the formation of the Rainbow Party at the Mulungushi International Conference Centre, here in Lusaka. Since that day, our Party has witnessed an unprecedented surge of growth in membership in all the 10 provinces of our homeland. During the last six months, we all worked to consolidate the party at the provincial, district, constituency and ward levels,” he said.

Mr. Kabimba explained that his party’s growth was because Zambians believed in its socialism ideology, which he said was a conveyor belt for economic success as opposed to capitalism and neo-liberalism.

“Our party has decided to espouse socialism as the ideology which shall drive the social and economic development agenda of our homeland. In the last 23 years, the MMD and PF governments have tried capitalism, neo-liberal prescription to develop this country but without success. The results of this capitalist experiment have been mass unemployment, acute levels of poverty, job losses, endemic corruption, hunger, high levels of inequality, a weak labour movement to fight for the welfare of the workers, unfocused and inconsistent economic policies in agriculture and the financial sector, a poor healthcare system and a poor educational system which continues to off-load onto the streets rising numbers of the youth, among others,” he said.

Mr Kabimba said his party was ready to resolve the problems that Zambians faced through economic and social transformation which he said would only be achieved through engagements with stakeholders within and outside Zambia.

“The Rainbow Party with its ideology of socialism must lead the way as an instrument of social change and economic transformation in the country. In order to execute this task effectively, the party needs to marshal the support of all progressive forces within and outside Zambia. The trade unions, co-operative movement, student organisations, civil society organisations, religious institutions, traditional leadership structures, and progressive individuals are our allies in fostering national unity, in poverty eradication and building of an inclusive, democratic socialist society,” he said.

Mr Kabimba  said  his party would also endeavour to fight corruption and would never support any of the people who were involved in the scourge because it robbed the majority of Zambians especially in rural areas, a chance to improve their well-being.

He explained that his party would also embrace progressive cultural values because traditional practices promoted national development.

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