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GOVERNMENT and Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) have worked up a business plan to help the latter deal with the many operation challenges it is facing, says Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ) general secretary Joseph Chewe.

Mr Chewe said the challenges that KCM was facing could lead to job losses and so the business plan agreed Upon between Government and the mining company should make it possible that such challenges were taken care of.

He was reacting to media reports about impending job losses at KCM’s Nchanga Open Pit and the company’s failure to clarify on allegations that it was winding up its operations in Chingola, opting to boost operations in Nampundwe and Chililabombwe.

“It is true KCM is facing a lot of challenges, but we hope the agreed business plan between Government and the mining company will deal with these challenges and save jobs at KCM,” Mr Chewe said.

Mr Chewe has also urged miners at KCM and other various mining companies not to be demoralized by the various challenges and problems they were facing, but work hard to increase production and contribute to economic recovery.

He said miners in Zambia have fought many battles and so they should not be scared by anything, but continue to push on until they succeeded in getting what was due to them.

He said it was imperative that miners worked hard to increase production so that investors in the mining sector did not have any excuse of not remunerating them well.

“Miners in Zambia are going through difficult times because others are working for exploitative investors, while others are working for stingy investors who only want to use them to make profits for themselves. There are also investors with human heart. With this situation, this is where the slogan of solidarity forever comes in,

“Yes, solidarity forever and an injury to one is an injury to all. So let us remain united as we fight for what is due to us.  Our members have proved many times that they work hard to contribute to national development, but I still want to appeal to them not to be demoralized, but soldier on so that investors do not have any excuse,” He said

And Mr Chewe has advised miners to strictly observe safety rules during their shifts to avoid accidents that may be serious or fatal.

He said miners should not report for work drunk because a worker in that situation would always make wrong judgments that may end up causing fatal accidents.

“As MUZ, we will not support miners reporting for work drunk because such a drunken person cannot make a good judgement and in the process, he may cause a serious accident. The emphasis on observing safety rules is not for the benefit of the management, but for the union and the worker himself,” he said.



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