Zambia has lost another nationalist politician David Kasuba

It is with a great sense of shock that Zambia Direct Democracy Movement has learnt of the death of National Salvation Party President David Kasuba at UTH yesterday.

The death of president Kasuba just like that of several nationalist and patriotic Zambian politicians may not be fully felt as a big loss for Zambia because he was part of the nationalist leaders in Zambia who are never covered by our media. The Zambian media has of late developed a culture of only covering parties which give reporters kick backs.

In many countries where nationalist political leaders are appreciated president David Kasuba could have in the first instant have received medical help from government for his outstanding contribution to Zambian politics and given a State funeral.

From the early 90s president Kasuba – a sociologist, teacher and author of more than 12 books-devoted his life to Zambian politics through  active participation in political events such as the constitution-making process,  all the inter-party dialogue  meetings and regular write-ups of press statements and writing of books on various issues of national interest.

It is unfortunate that most of his books remain in manuscript form due to lack of money to have them published

Of greater concern to ZDDM is the fact that Zambia has lost direction and driven on to self-destruction because politics is dominated by individuals without any political roots or vision and who are only pushed to the top by their money.

Zambia is a failing nation because politics has become commercialized. Nationalist and patriotic political leaders with national interest at heart like president Kasuba have been confined to the archives at this critical time when the nation is supposed to be on a clear and well defined path.

With due respect to all the political leaders, the fact is that nearly all of them leading and shining on the political scene in this country are individuals with no solid political background or foundation.

This must explain why Zambia is listed as being among the seven poorest nations on earth because the crop of politicians with national interest at heart like president Kasuba are being systematically sidelined.

It is not by coincidence that nearly all the party leaders who discussed the future of Zambia in the late 90s have all died from unexplained illnesses. Of the 28 political party leaders who attended the 1998 inter-party dialogue meeting  less than five are alive today and those of us still living are suffering from unexplained health complications.

In a civilized society where people have a deep concern for the future of their country the illnesses aflicting nationalist leaders and indeed the culture of demonizing government leaders and dragging former presidents in the mud should have been a subject of great interest and deserving a research by academicians.

Zambians are supposed to be keen on understanding what interests the British had in creating the Zambian cartel which started as an anti corruption  task force but turned out to be an institution which  corrupted the whole government machinery and destroyed the legal system with its mockery of justice and underhand methods.

The Zambian people must be helped to understand how the underhand methods which this British sponsored “tool of evil” contributed to the suffering and even deaths of some leaders.

As ZDDM we believe that most of the opposition leaders like Dean Mungomba , Levy patrick Mwanawasa , Michael Chilufya Sata, Chama Chakomboka, Webster Mwanamungela and Kashaka to mention a few and indeed hundreds of thousands of Zambians who are still dying everyday, could have been alive if Zambia had not fallen in the trap of the current foreign-funded “divide and rule” system.

We know that this is a very serious insinuation we are raising but it is unfortunately true .

Zambia is one country on the continent which has been too careless as to treat its own motherland like a public toilet. While nearly all countries including Nigeria, The US, Britain and Kenya to protect their former presidents and leaders.

The Zambian parliament with parliamentarians from foreign sponsored parties acting like small children are driven into a state of extreme excitement of lifting the immunity of former presidents without following constitutional requirement, thus delivering former presidents, to persecution because it was by mob justice that Dr Fredrick Chiluba and President Rupiah Banda were dragged to court to face charges which were clearly manufactured by the cartel.

It is an open secret that presidents Mwanawasa and Sata were saved by their premature deaths while everybody can see the same evil forces already trying to prepare grounds for President Edgar Lungu to suffer the same humiliation.

It is a fact that many ordinary Zambians still view Chiluba as a thief even in death and already view presidents Banda and even president Lungu with a lot of suspicion.  The Zambian mindset has been tuned into viewing their leaders as criminals who are busy amassing wealth.

All the hard work and sacrifices leaders make are not appreciated. The foreign sponsored organizations and political paries which are the visible ones in the country are daily being showered with all kinds of insults by some media houses which have fallen prey to the undermining process.

The truth is that Zambia is destroying itself by allowing  greedy money mongers on foreign payroll to dvide the nation with their hate and malicious propanganda against fellow Zambians and especially leaders .

We are however happy to see that many Zambians are now able to see through the malice and hate propaganda  being championed by the “muzungus’ local running dogs” using some newspapers and some online publications.

This is a wonderful development which may be attributed to the Africa Freedom day prayer of the founding father Dr Kenneth Kaunda who blessed Zambia in the name of Jesus Christ and openly released the forces which worked against Zambian presidency and Zambia as a country.

As ZDDM we have for many years kept warning Zambians that the country was not dealing with a political or physical problem but rather a spiritual one as the malice being displayed by some foreign-funded “cults” called big political parties in Zambia is simply Satanist and destructive .

We urge the media to open their eyes and see that the evil forces which captured our forefathers and later colonized us are now back and using their local “running dogs” to maximize their divide and rule tactics to divert the attention of Zambians from their programme of depopulating the country while they take over our land.

Zambians must learn from what has happened in Libya, Egypt and Iraqi which were once fast developing countries but are in ruins and are bloodfields with no hope of stabilizing soon.

It was all started by foreign sponsored organizations who kept brainwashing citizens into believing that their leaders were thieves and animals .What followed is public knowledge as the journalists who shouted the most insults have been hunted down and held responsible for the destruction of their countries. Some of them were tried and sentenced to death by hanging because of their role in building a climate which led to the blood bath.

It is not right that government should allow a situation where the surviving Zambian nationalists should continue to be subjected  to the suffering being experienced by leaders like president of ZADECO Langtone Sichone who has been bedridden for more than seven months and indeed other remaining leaders suffering from what we suspect to be poisoning with long term reaction or to die the way Mr Kasuba has died.

It is our prayer as ZDDM that President Lungu will open his ears and listen to the advice which the nationalists can give him because his enemies are ruthless killers who will not stop at anything to destroy him and the nation.

Zambia needs unity of purpose to save the country from being taken over completely. We cannot afford the current politics where one already knows what to expect from any particular tribe.

Mr Kasuba stood for unity and civilized politics and it’s our prayer that his soul rests in peace with the assurance that we shall continue to advocate for what he stood for .

Edwin Sakala

ZDDM President

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