Katele backs PF, Lungu, RB alliance

FORMER MMD national secretary Dr. Katele Kalumba has broken his silence to support the working relations with the Patriotic Front, saying it should be supported in order to fight schemes by some opposition political parties attempting to divide the nation.

“I am sorry that I have kept quiet for a long time, but I have to speak now because of the fears I have seen emerging and you know that I had gone to the other side (UPND) during the January presidential elections, have studied our colleagues and I have studied their schemes and I feel there are greater threats coming from certain political angles than ourselves and we need to unite to fight those threatening divisions,” he said.

Dr. Kalumba, who supported UPND president Hakainde Hichilema in the January 20th, 2015 presidential elections, appealed to both the MMD and the PF leadership to work together for a better Zambia.

He also said he supported President Edgar Lungu and all the efforts by former president Rupiah Banda of making the pact between the MMD and the PF work out for Zambia. In an interview with the Daily Nation yesterday, Dr. Kalumba said there were more dangerous forces working behind certain strategies which, if not fought, had the potential to destroy the One Zambia One Nation motto.

“I have seen this in my small way as former national secretary of the MMD that there are forces that are more dangerous working behind certain strategies of political parties which if not fought or challenged might destroy the very motto our founding father Dr. Kenneth Kaunda stood for of One Zambia One Nation,” said Dr. Kalumba.

He said political pluralism was important but it could not ride on division, but strive on principle.

“Are there significant difference of principles such that they cannot see eye to eye when you have a great danger coming onto your way? My sense is that we don’t have those principles that cannot be reconciled between the MMD and the PF, so in order to avoid a greater danger that I think is going to face us come the middle of next year, I support President Lungu, I support PF party and I support the alliance that has been quietly worked on by our leaders behind the scene to ensure that MMD and the PF come together in the fight against division in this country,” said Dr. Kalumba. He said efforts by former president Banda and President Lungu to work together were aimed at promoting unity of national purpose unlike the opposition whose agenda was evil and a source of division in the country.

“My appeal to our friends who truly believe in the MMD is that the pact that our leaders in the Patriotic Front and the MMD have worked on comes riding on the principle of necessity and not convenience. I appeal to all PF and MMD members to construct a lasting and genuine pack and avoid mistrust if the country has to survive forces of evil and division,” said Dr. Kalumba.

He said Zambians and leaders in both the PF and MMD should ignore the failures that have been recorded in an effort to come up with a pact, adding that what former president Banda has tried to do was in the best interest of the nation.

“Let’s us ignore the failures of abuse. I strongly believe that what former President Rupiah Banda has tried to work out is the solid understanding based on the forces that could appear to drive the country into a division,” he said.

The former finance minister said the evil forces some opposition political parties were trying to create in the country should be fought by coming up with a strong and united front.

“We need to fight those forces and I think sticking to the idea that MMD stands alone it is not in my judgment right. I feel that sometimes politics is not about being popular but having an agenda and I think that President Edgar Lungu and the former President Rupiah Banda have already correctly read the scenario on the ground,” he said.

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