UPND treading a thin line


IT IS obvious that opposition UPND Sesheke Central MP Siyanga Siyauya is playing the normal UPND game of victim narrative, by calling on the Electoral Commission of Zambia to postpone the elections due to the violence which seemingly was provoked by the UPND cadres.

Was this what was planned? Provoke the situation, play a victim and then move a motion to have the by-election postponed? But the UPND MP should know that the line between his games and playing with the lives of his fellow party members is as thin as his skin, and the game will soon be over.

Admittedly, in another breath, he said that UPND cadres were trooping in for reinforcement. In short, Siyauya was indirectly admitting that they were responsible for the weekend fracas.

Wherever and whenever UPND senses a loss in an upcoming election, they resort to violence.

It happened in Livingstone, it has happened again in Mulobezi, it will happen again and again. That is UPND’s electoral gimmicks for you.

It is now clear that the UPND president Hakainde Hichilema wanted to pull a fast one by telling a lie to the press in Lusaka that the PF secretary general Davies Chama fired the shot that injured a UPND cadre but his own man who was at the scene gave a different account.

Undoubtedly, PF is in a very strong position in Mulobezi especially with Vice-President Inonge Wina and Education Minister Michael Kaingu on the ground campaigning. UPND would have had a slim chance had even if ADD supported them.

But votes will be split between the two opposition parties because of their political greed.

Besides, the PF Government is carrying out so many development projects in Western Province.  One wonders where the UPND is even getting the confidence of winning at all, in Mulobezi.


Mubanga Luchembe,



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