Matero MP Miles Sampa is hard working

I WILL be grateful if my article is published in your valued newspaper. My main reason of writing this article is to comment on the performance of Matero lawmaker, Miles Sampa.

Many people have written in your newspaper regarding the performance of Matero Member of Parliament.  They have established divergent views on the matter at hand.

It is a very established fact that every MP has the mandate to deliver development to his or her electorate particularly during the tenure of office. Having said this, the performance of Honourable Sampa is no exception.

To begin with, some writers for this newspaper have asserted that Honourable Sampa is not working and has not delivered any development at all. People are entitled to their own opinions to say anything out of malice or as a ploy to campaign against someone. Development means different things to different people. Miles has initiated a lot of development projects in Matero constituency. These include, among others, the following: construction of roads, construction of basketball courts to provide recreation to the youths, improving on sanitation through the programme of garbage collection, empowering pupils with information technology by donating computers  to schools in the constituency to mention but a few. He also embarked on a programme of economically empowering women and the youths to enable them venture in income-generating ventures. These are just a few of some development projects which are currently underway in Matero.

Judging the performance of Honourable Sampa based on some projects which have not yet been done before his tenure of office finishes is very unfair. If anything Sampa is one of the most hardworking Members of Parliament.  The man is action-oriented and he should be given chance to continue working hard to change the face of Matero which has not seen development for a long time.

The way the people are criticising Sampa is the same way they have criticized the Republican Presidents who have served in the past and the current one, President Edgar Lungu.

My timely advice to those who are criticising our leaders’ performance is to gather their facts right.

There is nothing wrong to criticize our criticism but those should be justifiable.

Elemiya Phiri


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