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STOP treating my son like a common criminal when he did not go to Tanzania to work at the Zambian mission of his own accord, Yosi Miti’s mother Lyness Miti has said.

Speaking in a telephone interview from Dar-es-Salaam,  Mrs. Miti has appealed to President Edgar Lungu to intervene in her son’s predicament, saying it was only the Head of State who could stop people victimizing and harassing him.

Mr. Miti was detained for over four days at the Julius Nyerere International Airport by the immigration officers in Tanzania on instruction from the Zambian mission in that country.

In  the interview, Mrs. Miti, a widow, said she was disturbed that the Zambian mission in Tanzania was treating her son like a common criminal.

She explained that since the death of President Michael Sata, her son had faced  many problems as a diplomat in that country because of schemes to have him recalled.

Mrs. Miti, who broke down during the telephone interview, said it was strange that instead of the mission protecting Mr. Miti, they were the ones fighting him and scheming for his recall.

“I am troubled because there is no one to take care of me here. Yosi is my only son who takes care of me and I am here because of him. As you may know I am diabetic and hypertensive and so he asked me to come over here to Tanzania for medication but that is the person they have not allowed to come  here,” she said.

Mrs. Miti, said she had decided to speak out on the matter because officials at the Zambian mission in Tanzania had continued harassing and victimizing the family as if they were criminals.

She explained that the Zambian mission in Tanzania had extended its harassment of Mr. Miti to her and other family members under the custody of Mr. Miti.

“They come here almost every day to ask me to leave the house. Currently, I am occupying this house without electricity. Can you imagine that I cook on firewood because the house we were living in was taken away from us,” said Mrs. Miti.

The 72-year-old grandmother said that it was shocking that Zambians were fighting each other in a foreign country instead of working and promoting the country for a better future.

“People are laughing at us here that we are fighting among ourselves. That woman at the embassy is a bad woman. She comes here every day demanding that we go back to Zambia.

“Nobody can enjoy living here anymore because my life as an old woman has been made terrible in the past one year,” she said.

And Mrs. Miti has pleaded with President Lungu to give his son an audience.

“I am pleading with President Lungu to forgive my son if there is anything wrong he has done to Government for him to be treated like a common criminal. It is my prayer that the President stops this treatment,” she said.

She complained that her son was not allowed to visit her to give her money for medication, adding that the unwarranted treatment was also affecting the medical treatment she was currently receiving.

UPND has since condemned the act by Government to treat a diplomat like a common criminal in a foreign land.

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