Hatred and bitterness


THE poison of bitterness and hatred is gnawing at our country. It is corrosive and subversive and aims at the very heart of our national unity. It is the proverbial negative force of destruction.

Those driving and propagating the campaign of hate and malevolence do not mean well for the country because they do not see a future for themselves and wish to drag the country down with them.

Instead of issue-based political and social discourse anger and calumny dominate every sphere of public interaction. Acrimony rather than consensus have come to characterize our mode of communication, even where this is not necessary.

By its nature liberal democracy must provide space for adversarial dialogue where the media serve as a forum for debate and airing of all shades of opinion, in the continued search for the truth. In a democracy the truth is validated by dialogue. The same facts may give rise to different interpretations, which can only be validated by discourse.

Sadly hatred has become systemic and imprinted on the DNA of some institutions as they pursue their relentless campaign of negativity, ill will and unbridled calumny. They see nothing good or of value in other people.  The medium has become the message.

Instead of looking at the positive and constructive, a search for the perverse is the norm. It does not have to be justified. It need not have cogent and demonstrable grounds. It is pursued for its own sake.

Individuals will be maligned at any excuse possible for the benefit of the campaign. Former President Rupiah Banda will be attacked in the “wickedest” manner possible on the slimmest of grounds. His attendance on the occasion of the Lusaka Park which he helped bring to fruition produced a disproportionate attack, which earned himthe title of cadre.

This is a man who, while in Government, helped bring about the very park that was being opened. He had every right to accept an invitation that recognized his role in the development.

Sadly, hatred and bitterness blind cultivate blindness to truth and reality.

We have our former Chief Justice Mathew Ngulube, an eminent legal luminary, who has done outstanding judicial work with some of the most brilliant judgments, who is now under constant attack because his persecutors failed to bring him down.

They plotted, lied and hoped to destroy him, but like all evil it failed   If anything the Government exonerated him from any wrongdoing and yet they continue to live the lie in the hope that it will catch.

This will not be because many Zambians are waking to the reality of dangerous propaganda. Unfortunately some Zambians are none the wiser and are victims of hateful propaganda.

A Bible exegesis has said  “If you allow bitterness and resentment and a critical spirit to grow in your life, you will lose your anointing and your inspiration from the Lord. You can’t keep complaining about and resenting your lot in life, and criticizing and murmuring about things that God or others have done to you, and keep God’s Holy Spirit on you at the same time. You just can’t do it. The Lord dwells in the praises of His people, and He draws near to us when we draw near to Him, offering the sacrifice of praise to God continually, that is, the fruit of our lips giving thanks to His name.”–Psa.22:3; Jam.4:8; Heb.13:15.

People who are discontent and murmuring and resentful and critical, it is said, are usually never satisfied unless they can persuade others of their own opinion. Misery loves company, and they love to have other people agree with them; and sad to say, it’s usually easy to find. Belly-aching, murmuring and complaining is a very common ailment of the human race and something that is very easy to fall into. But from God’s point of view, it is a sin that is absolutely intolerable.



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