Chavuma vandals upset Lungu


PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu is disappointed that Chavuma district hospital under construction is being vandalised even before its completion.

“We have a duty to protect this property because it belongs to all of us. Why should we destroy it when it is ours,” he said. President Lungu said Government was spending a lot of money to invest in such infrastructure for people to start vandalising.

“If you want more development in the area show a sense of responsibility and try to protect such investments,” said President Lungu.

He said this on Saturday when he addressed Chavuma residents at the civic centre where he also launched the commencement of roads rehabilitation.

“We will bring development here but please secure this development projects we are bringing to you,” President Lungu said.

And the Head of State said no one should suffer just because they were born in a rural area.

President Lungu urged parents in Chavuma to stop marrying off their girl children but give them chance to grow so that they could  achieve their dreams.

“Admire Vice-President Inonge Wina as your model. You can only get there if you are educated,” he urged the girls.

President Lungu said girls must be educated before parents could start thinking of marrying them off.

Meanwhile, Chavuma MMD Member of Parliament Kenneth Konga said President Lungu was full of wisdom and that he was the right man for the State House job.

Mr Konga said President Lungu had demonstrated that he did not segregate when sharing the national cake and that he must be supported for recognising Chavuma district for road infrastructure rehabilitation.

He said President Lungu really stood for One Zambia One Nation motto and that he had invested development projects in all parts of the country like Lusaka. Mr Konga who also witnessed over 200 MMD members’ defection to PF was full of praises for President Lungu, saying he was an all-inclusive Head of State.

“What is happening in Chavuma is what is happening in Emmasdale in Lusaka, so you can see that there is no segregation in terms of national development. President Lungu has ensured that he is developing the country at the same time. The developments we have seen in other parts of the country is what we are seeing taking place here as well,” he said. He also said once the road rehabilitation project was complete and the Chavuma-Chingi connected to Angola, trade could be anticipated between Zambia and Angola.

“We are hoping that Government will find resources to do this road because it will see more trade and job creation,” he said. Meanwhile President Lungu commended Mr Konga for being exceptional and hard working.

“You don’t belong to PF but you are here, this is what it should be because we are all Zambians and must work together,” he said.


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