Cash for sex man divorced after impregnating girlfriend


A Lusaka man who claims his wife  denied him conjugal right  when he was broke, has been divorced after he  impregnated another woman to relieve himself.

William Muyayi,39, of George compound said his wife always denied him conjugal right  when he was broke.

Muyayi was testifying in a case in which his wife, Barbra Mwewa, 30, of the same compound has sued him for divorce.

The two got married in 2002 and have four children. Dowry was not paid.

Mwewa told Senior Court Magistrate Lewis Mumba sitting at Matero Local Court that she has never enjoyed her marriage.

She explained that in 2006 Muyayi was jailed for one year and six years later they failed to pay house rentals and went to stay at Muyayi’s sister after they were evicted by the landlord.

“We later seperated but my husband kept coming to my place to complain that there was a woman who was pestering him and that she would come and sweep the house in his absence,

“Later Muyayi informed me that he had impregnated the same woman,” said Mwewa.

Asked by the court for how long they have been on separation, Mwewa said that they had stayed apart for three years and did not want to stay with Muyayi because he was now married.

In defence, Muyayi said that he impregnated another woman to relieve himself because Mwewa was denying him conjugal rights each time he did not have money.

He explained that he did not want to divorce Mwewa because they have passed through many things together and that he was jailed for selling marijuana to maintain the family.

Muyayi said that Mwewa changed in behaviour after he was released from jail and became rude to him

Passing judgment, Magistrate Mumba said that there was no marriage because dowry was not paid adding that they were just cohabiting.

He dismissed the case and ordered Muyayi to be paying child maintenance fee of K500 per month and property acquired together to be shared equally.

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