Praising Elias Chipimo

THE article about former NAREP Lusaka district chairman Fred Mutolilo who defected to the PF that he had information that Elias Chipimo Jnr wants to join PF as well, was refreshing (Daily Nation June 1, 2015).

However, the latter could neither deny nor confirm the rumoured defection. Nonetheless, his impact and contribution to Zambia’s political scene as NAREP president will not be forgotten in a hurry and it reminds us of what can be achieved by other youthful and pragmatic opposition leaders in the country.

Opposition leaders of one-man or media-based political parties should start walking in his footsteps. If they were humble enough to do this, party defections in parliament would give the PF the required  two-thirds majority for the first time – the number needed to change the constitution.

It is not yet clear whether the defections at a regional level have given the PF control over all of the country’s 10 provinces.

It has already gained control of Eastern province following the defection of one notable ex-MP, Dora Siliya, who will be re-contesting the Petauke Central parliamentary seat.

If the PF gains control of Southern Province, the UPND, which currently controls that province, might cry foul and rubbish the defections.

But the NAREP president must remain unruffled by the hue and cry being raised by other opposition leaders ahead of the by-election to three vacancies in the National Assembly on June 30.

If some legislators want to join any party, is there any party in the country which would say do not join our party? Is there any one single party across the nation, UPND included, which has not seen defections from other parties?

Mubanga Luchembe,


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