ZNBC should cover opposition


FOR a long time now, the opposition in Zambia has been accusing ZNBC of not adequately covering them on any given event!

I thought they (opposition) were just crying babies and were mere politicking to gain political mileage.

How wrong was I when I watched ZNBC TV news for the whole of last month? What I saw and heard was news about “development” projects which is a plus.

We were shown good tarred roads throughout Zambia, and only Government officials, or is it PF members always stealing the limelight.

A visitor to Zambia may be mistaken that there is no poverty in the country. Rarely does ZNBC show us activities in opposition strongholds. Does it mean that ZNBC is for PF? ZNBC Sunday Interview is another boring programme as it features only PF members. Is management at ZNBC failing to bring other people with diverse issues to discuss? Can’t we have sports administrators, for a change, to talk about the dwindling football standards in Zambia, or indeed climate change experts to talk about the weather pattern? It would also be nice to hear about the increase in the number of churches and the ‘sins’ being committed by the self-ordained bishops?

Honestly there are many areas ZNBC can cover to make Sunday Interview a must-watch programme. Come on ZNBC management we pay TV levy to be educated, entertained and informed; make your programmes lively and cut across all age-groups and classes.

Chakwiya Bornface


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One Response to “ZNBC should cover opposition”

  1. FuManchu says:

    Given a choice I would rather my levy went to the private broadcasters!


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