Male enlargement herbs do not exist-Dr Manda


MALE enlargement herbs do not exists, says renowned urologist Dr. Francis Manda who has warned Zambian men against believing herbalists who claim they have such medicines.

Dr Manda said those claiming to have male enlargement herbs were cheats and Zambian men should completely ignore them.

Featuring on his weekly Manzi therapy radio programme on ZNBC radio, Dr. Manda explained that there was no medicine for enlarging the male organ.

“Be proud of what God has given you. What enlargement are you talking about? Don’t be deceived by friends in public whom you see with big private parts and you feel that it is a tool that man should have for women to love him or appreciate him in bed.

“That tool might just look to be big but function wise is perhaps zero. Man should be proud with what you have as long as it can perform. If it is under-performing it is up to you to find ways and means of how best you can use it,” said Dr. Manda.

He warned men not to be cheated by herbalists who claim that they have medicine to make the male organ big for sexual satisfaction.

“Don’t be cheated by these herbalists that there is medicine to enlarge the male organ. There is no medicine for male organ enlargement.

“We know that it is herbalists who say they can help men to enlarge their manhood. Have you ever seen a conventional doctor advertising that we have the skills to enlarge manhood or the male organ? The answer is ‘‘no.’’ Please we know what they are after. They are after your money, your pocket. There is no medicine for male organ enlargement,” said Dr. Manda.

And Dr. Manda said prostate cancer was the biggest killer in men of 50 years and above.

He explained that what was bizarre about prostate cancer was that even the origin of it was not known and scientist’s treat it as hereditary.

Dr. Manda said that black people were the most afflicted followed by other races world over.

“All what we know is that blacks are more afflicted than their white counterparts followed by the Japanese. We have more prostate cancer in black people than in any community or race in the world. Why it is so we don’t know. That is something we cannot explain in modern medicine and science calls it hereditary,” he said.

He said there was need for the management of cancer from the beginning adding that there were steps which should be taken in order for people to understand that cancer was a deadly disease.

Dr. Manda said the treatment for cancer has an effect on the sexual relationship and therefore both parties should be counseled before the treatment begins.

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