Tayali leave RB alone

NOW that  Chilufya Tayali has been acquitted of his rape charge,  could he please leave RB alone so that his cases  too can be considered on their  merits  rather than on the guilt verdict pronounced by Tayali.

We know that Tayali’s paymasters are not happy with RB because they believe he is responsible for their current problems.

The truth is that the issues that Mutembo Nchito is facing were bound to come before the courts of law in one form or another.

It does not even matter what the tribunal will find, he is bound to face courts of law. The two of them have hurt far too many people to get away with it.

Those people who committed atrocities in World War 11 are still appearing before courts of law today. This is the same.

I am sure the children of all the victims will want justice. The children of Mukelabai Mukelabai  and  President Chiluba will want justice because  their fathers were unjustly accused of wrongdoing  for which they were acquitted.

Only time will tell and no machinations will stop the wheels of justice.

Francis Chikolwa

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