Speak out on Barotse, KK told

ALLIANCE for Democracy and Development (ADD) president Charles Milupi has challenged first republican president Dr. Kenneth Kaunda to state his position on the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

Mr. Milupi says Dr. Kaunda must give direction on the matter in the same way he released the nation, its people and the presidency from negative forces made against the country.

“Dr. Kaunda is a signatory to the Barotseland Agreement; there are three people who signed – Kenneth Kaunda, Litunga Mwanawina Lewanika and a representative from the British government. You see he cannot be releasing the nation from evil and so on whilst at the same time an issue that can engulf this country through acrimony he keeps quiet on it” said Mr. Milupi.

Mr. Milupi, who is also former Luena Independent Member of Parliament, said it was, going to be good for the founding president to ensure the impasse surrounding the Barotseland Agreement was resolved in his life time.

Mr. Milupi said the Barotseland issue had the potential to divide the country if not well handled, adding that the founding president should give direction.

“It will be good for him whilst he is still with us to ensure that this issue is resolved properly because we will not be able to resolve it once he is gone given the injustices that have been committed after the agreement was signed ” Mr. Milupi stated.

He explained that there was some level of commitment and understanding that was made before the agreement was signed.

He further added that history clearly indicates that the state of Zambia did not carry out its responsibility regarding the Barotseland agreement.

“The very foundation of this nation is the Barotseland agreement but it’s unfortunate that Dr. Kaunda has remained mute on the matter.” added Mr. Milupi.

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