MMD on the verge of extinction-UPND


THE United Party for National Development (UPND) has ruled out the possibility of forming an alliance or working relationship with the MMD because the former ruling party has been split and is technically on the verge of extinction.

UPND president Hakainde Hichilema’s special assistant (special duties) Edward Mumbi said the opposition political party would however welcome any well meaning Zambian desiring to join the party but would not entertain the idea of forming a working relationship with the MMD.

Mr Mumbi said any form of a working relationship between the UPND and the MMD would be meaningless because the former ruling party had been split into two before the January 20 presidential election.

He said the UPND was aware that the MMD national executive had adopted former president Rupiah Banda to contest the presidential election in January but that Nevers Mumba who had been rejected fought his way through the courts of law to have his name on the ballot papers.

Mr Mumbi said it was not possible for the UPND to get into partnership with the MMD whose members had passed a vote of no confidence in their leader and were calling for a national convention to replace him.

“To begin with, the UPND as an organized political party does not ever think of going into an alliance or any form of working relationship with the MMD. What we know is that the MMD has been split by its leadership under Dr Nevers Mumba and any working relationship would be meaningless. The MMD we know is at the verge of extinction and its members have passed a vote of no confidence in their leader, Dr Nevers Mumba. We however welcome genuine members of the MMD and other political party with the desire to work with the UPND,” Mr Mumbi said. He said it was unimaginable for MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakacinda to brood the idea that there could be some working relationship between his party and the UPND and that the question of trust did not even rise between the two political parties because no alliance would be entertained.

Mr Mumbi said Mr Nakacinda should endeavor to educate Zambians which MMD he was representing because the UPND had no intention of canibalising members of the former ruling party.

He said the UPND was the only political party that had never suffered from a crisis of political leadership and that its membership had continued to grow despite the propaganda that there were defections from the party.

He said many Zambians experiencing economic strife across the country were free to join the UPND which he said had become the only hope for Zambia.

“The UPND belongs to all Zambians and it is not correct to impute that the party is canibalising members of other opposition political parties. Mr Nakacinda is advised to resist the temptation of issuing provocative statements against the UPND. The remaining MMD which he belongs to is on the death bed and no longer admirable,” Mr Mumbi said.



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