MMD cadres warn Tayali against insulting RB

CHILUFYA Tayali should not be allowed to break the law by making statements intended to prejudice the cases  against former head of State Rupiah Banda.

MMD provincial chairman for Lusaka, Watson Mutonga has warned that if the rightful authorities did not take appropriate action for the criminality  by Tayali they would take it upon themselves to take appropriate action.

The statements by Tayali, he said, were tailored to seriously prejudice the cases before courts of law.

Tayali’s paymasters, he said, were fully aware that speaking about matter that were still in court was tantamount to prejudicing the outcome of the cases.

Section 116 of the Penal Code, he said, penalized such utterances and it was surprising that the appropriate authorities were not taking action.

The law stated that it was contempt of court to make any speech or writing misrepresenting proceedings that were before the court of law, he said.

Mr Mutonga charged that MMD was very upset and disappointed that Tayali could insult the former head of State through his paymaster’s newspaper.

He said MMD was aware that Tayali was being used by his paymasters to attack Mr Banda and President Edgar Lungu’s administration.

Mr Mtonga said the relationship between PF and MMD will not die as being planned by Tayali’s paymasters.

“RB played a key role in ensuring that Zambia was governed peacefully by diligently serving our nation,” he said.

The outbursts , he said, were capable and had the intention of prejudicing the current cases the former president was facing.

The  MMD  she said was aware that Mr Tayali was a hired gun to kill the relationship between the MMD and PF.

He said if Mr Tayali’s paymasters think that they could easily destroy the relationship between MMD and PF then they were dreaming.

Mr Mtonga warned Mr Tayali to desist from engaging himself in political battles which he did  not know.

“It is true that Mr Tayali is a hired gun by a newspaper which is paying him and it is currently struggling to survive financially,” Mr Mutonga said.

He said Mr Banda was a former Head of State who deserves to be respected by everyone including Mr Tayali.

Mr Mutonga said the continued attacks by Mr Tayali on Mr Banda were an indication that he had no respect for elders in society.

“It is wrong for Mr Tayali to call Mr Banda corrupt or a criminal because he is not a court. Only the court can prove whether Mr Banda is corrupt or not,” he said.

Mr Mutonga said MMD cadres will find a political solution to Mr Tayali’s continued unwarranted attacks on Mr Banda.

Mr Mtonga said MMD was very upset and disappointed that a toddlers were insulting Mr Banda.

“We think that we have tolerated enough from Mr Tayali but now it will be time to take political action against him, if he continues insulting a man whom we campaigned for in 2008,” he said.


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