Eastern Province feels left out-Chulu

PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu has been urged to consider including people from Eastern Province in his Government because there is a feeling that the people in the region have been sidelined in the governance of the country, the Eastern Development Foundation (EDF) has observed.

Foundation chairman Kelvin Chulu said it was disheartening that Eastern Province had seemingly been marginalized in President Lungu’s appointments and that the people in the region were not happy with the status quo.

Mr Chulu said most of the positions in Government were being given to people from the other nine regions while Eastern Province had not been considered in a number of senior government appointments.

He told the Daily Nation yesterday that in Eastern Province, almost all the departments were headed by citizens from other regions and yet those from the region were not being considered for the same positions in other provinces.

He stated that the Provincial Minister, permanent secretary and his deputy as well as the Police commissioner were all from outside the region and appealed to the Head of State to consider appointing people from Eastern Province to assist him run the affairs of the country along with other regions.

Mr Chulu said there was a general feeling that the people of Eastern Province were being disadvantaged in the equitable distribution of positions in Government and that it was important for the Head of State to address the matter as quickly as possible.

“The people of Eastern Province have not been considered in many of the appointments by President Lungu and there is a general feeling that they are being marginalized. We want President Lungu to know that we are as critical to the development of this country as any other region and we should be part of the governance system. Eastern Province could be the only region that has almost all the departments being headed by our brothers and sisters from other regions.

Our plea is that the President should critically look at his appointments and see if Eastern Province is adequately represented,” Mr Chulu said.

Mr Chulu said Eastern Province was part of Zambia and had significantly contributed to the PF remaining in Government and should therefore not be forgotten.

He said the appointments in parastals and those in foreign missions should carefully be considered so that they were not dominated by a particular region.

He said President Lungu had reached to every Zambian soul by rekindling the one Zambia One Nation motto which was slowly dying and it was important that the motto was balanced with appointments in Government.

“ I am appealing to President Lungu think of people in Eastern Province. We have many young men and women who can certainly be of value to the governance of the country. Let us face the governance challenges together as a united country and we must all be part of the development of Zambia,” Mr Chulu said.


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One Response to “Eastern Province feels left out-Chulu”

  1. James Nkhata says:

    I would like to refer to the story entitled ” Eastern province feels left out”. I am a teacher at one of the schools in the province and its indeed surprising that most appointments made by the president exclude people from Eastern province. We have a number of suitable people from this place who we expected to be in the system but nothing.During the campaigns for the January 2015, bye elections for example, we used to hear pro PF campaign statements on local radio stations from Ben Phiri who campaigned a lot for the PF.If I am not mistaken, this is the same man who was PS for a short time under late president Sata. Why not consider people like Ben Phiri and others Mr President?


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