MMD can’t trust UPND


THERE cannot be any genuine working relationship between the UPND and MMD because the latter’s interest is to ‘‘cannibalize’’ members of other opposition political parties in order to form Government next year, MMD spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda has said.

Mr. Nakachinda said the MMD saw such attempts in the failed working relationship with the UPND where members were made to denounce their leadership and the party by those in the UPND.

He also said the MMD leadership was also observing the Patriotic Front proposal of a working relationship ahead of the 2016 general election and whether they have a similar agenda of ‘‘cannibalizing‘‘ the MMD like the UPND.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Nakachinda said the MMD will not enter into any working relationship with the UPND because the UPND agenda was to kill the MMD. He said the UPND from inception were negotiating for a working relationship with the MMD while hiding their main agenda of using the former ruling party to ascend to power. “MMD will not enter into any working relationship with the UPND because of lack of being genuine. What the MMD experienced at the hands of the UPND was traumatizing. They wanted to cannibalize the MMD by depleting it,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

He said the MMD believed in open discussions, adding that the route the UPND took was not genuine and therefore, any further working relationships was not on the agenda of the MMD.

“UPND worked like President Michael Sata (late) when it came to cannibalizing the MMD. You saw what happened when Mr. Sata was appointing our MPs into his Government. He did it without any form of courtesy to consult and that is what UPND was doing in that working relationship. They were getting our members without consulting us and how can you be in a working relationship with someone who is undermining you,” asked Mr. Nakachinda.

He said it was only fair that those political parties that wanted to enter into any working relationship show a common and genuine agenda rather than scheming about how they would finish their counterpart. And Mr. Nakachinda said the MMD was still observing whether the proposed working relationship with the PF was genuine. He said the MMD was still watching the PF on whether they would take the UPND route of ‘‘cannibalizing’’ the MMD.

“We saw it in the UPND and it was vicious. This time around we are observing whether the PF is going the same way in its proposal for a working relationship ahead of the 2016 general elections. As MMD, we want a genuine and honest working relationship which will end up in a win-win situation,” he said.

Mr. Nakachinda warned that if the PF would go the UPND way of cannibalizing the MMD members, then the working relationship would work against the PF leadership in the general election next year.

Meanwhile, Mr. Nakachinda has said that suggestions of the working relationship between the MMD and the PF were making opposition political parties scared and panicking.

He said the opposition and others have already started scheming against the proposal so that it failed to work out.

“MMD will not work with the UPND especially looking at the previous experience in that working relationship.

With this proposal by the PF to enter into a working relationship with the MMD, certain politicians are scared. They are in total panic because it reduces their chances of winning in 2016 and their prayer is to see it fail. You know MMD is about open and transparent policies in the manner it govern itself under president Dr. Nevers Mumba,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

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