Kambwili for president

PRESIDENTIAL ambitions by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Chishimba Kambwili were on Saturday strongly admonished by the Central Committee which feels that such desires could easily fragment the ruling party that is healing from its transitional differences.

The ruling party has also adopted former Petauke Member of Parliament Dora Siliya who is now going to recontest her seat on the PF ticket.

The Central Committee also disolved all the party committees including that of chairman of elections with the aim of reconstituting them in preparation for the 2016 general elections.

Sources within the Central Committee have disclosed to the Daily Nation that there was a unanimous call that Mr Kambwili, who did not attend the meeting, should be admonished for declaring his presidential ambitions when President Edgar Lungu had not even started serving his own term of office.

The sources revealed that members of the Central Committee were not pleased with Mr Kambwili’s open declaration of his ambitions and asked President Lungu to censure him because they wanted unity and peace within the party.

They said most of the Central Committee members were of the view that even if Mr Kambwili was intending to contest the presidency in 2022, he should have kept such ambitions to himself.

They said members were protecting the party that had almost been brought to the brink of collapse following the death of President Michael Sata and the succession wrangles that charactrised the transition.

The sources revealed that the Central Committee members were hard on President Lungu for being soft on Mr Kambwili, stating that even if the Roan member of Parliament was not intending to challenge the Head of State, his utterances could cause disunity in the party.

The sources explained that Mr Kambwili was told that the country had a leader in President Lungu and that there was stability in the party which should be protected and encouraged by all members.

“The central committee rounded up Mr Kambwili for declaring his presidential ambitions but President Lungu restrained them. The central committee members told President Lungu that they did not care whether Mr Kambwili was only going to contest the presidency in 2022 because of what the ruling party went through after the death of president Michael Sata. The PF was brought to the brink of collapse during the transition period but now the country has a leader in President Lungu and there is stability in the party,” the source said.

The sources said the central committee members have warned that they would not tolerate indiscipline because the party would want President Lungu’s mandate to be respected. They said President Lungu was told that some members of the party would may have to be evicted from Government because they were exhbiting traits of truancy. “The President has been calling for peace and unity in the party and we are expected to sing the same chorus from the same page,” the sources said.


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4 Responses to “Kambwili for president”

  1. Muwelewele says:

    Admonishing Hon Chishimba Kambwili’s Presidential ambitions is a sign of dictatorship in PF. We all saw for ourselves what transpired last year during the adoption process of PF Presidential hopefuls. The guy was at the tail end. If he wants to make a try let him do so freely and the delegates will decide. I vividly remember how late Levy was allowed in then vibrant MMD to challenge FTJ and got what he wanted. If PF has strong structures on the ground why worry about those who want to challenge them within and outside their spheres of polical influence. Statements like its EDGARB CHAGWA LUNGU as sole candidate will destract him from delivering on his many elections promises.The Central Committee should direct its full energies on strengthening its party structures to a higher level organisational abilities to attract those members who have lost direction. By the way who can vote for Kambwili as PF President because each time he makes public comments he is atagonistic. I strongly believe Lungu has given a plot form to function as his Minister of Information and GRZ spokes person and that can be withdrawn from him. So why is Central Committe worried about? If a child wants to test the depth of water in a river let him. Kambwili is old enough and founder member of PF and he knows well the PF chemistry. Let him test his popularity if he dares to do so. In a democratic despensation like ours I MEAN ZAMBIA let us not follow the communist or ONE PARTY STATE mentality of democracy where frogs and hynase were once competing presidential hopefuls at either Party or Republican levels. We fought hard to have UNIP change its way of doing things. It was hard won democracy for those of us who were there. UNIP was a MIGHTY POLICTICAL FORCE to reckon with and no one should dream of going back to such backward system of political governance.Lets us be democratic through and through, night, day, morning, evening even in our sleep.

  2. samlindo says:

    Surely, do people look at them selves even in the mirror before saying they want to stand for presidency, do Zambians look so short of leaders, or are Zambians Mad people please. How on earth can Kambwili Lead Zambians at the level of presidency when his iq is far less than that of muliokela.

  3. Mutale Chitapankwa says:

    President Lungu, just a friendly and timely warning for you: Get rid of Kambwili now, not later. You listened when we spoke about Guy Scott, even now, you need to listen. This Kambwili will cause problems for PF in the future; you don’t need that. Kambwili cannot be trusted. He has to be out of cabinet completely. Let him cause problems now as you would have time to deal with them rather than later when it is close to elections. Kambwili is not a team player, and he doesn’t engage his brain before opening his foul smelling mouth. Get rid of him now.


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