PF challenges HH over Nchito


THE Patriotic Front (PF) has challenged Chilufya Tayali, the Zambian Voice executive director, to provide tangible evidence that former Chief Justice Annel Silungwe had allegedly confided in him that he had asked President Edgar Lungu to consider paying him his retirement benefits.

PF media and publicity vice chairperson Sunday Chanda said it was unacceptable for Mr Tayali to have opted to be used to scandalize the credibility of the Annel Silungwe led tribunal in a bid to defend the suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito from clearing himself from an array of allegations.

Mr Chanda has also reminded United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema that he was teargased by the police at Central Police for demanding the removal of Mr Nchito as DPP who he had accused of professional misconduct.

Addressing the media at Southern Sun Hotel yesterday, Mr Chanda said it was shocking that Mr Hichilema and his party had suddenly changed their position to have Mr Nchito removed and prosecuted for the professional, political and financial transgressions he had committed against Zambians.

Mr Chanda challenged Mr Hichilema to make his position clear on the DBZ loan which his party advanced as one of the reasons to reject and protest against the appointment of Mr Nchito as DPP.

He recalled that a number of the UPND cadres were arrested and beaten for demonstrating against Mr Nchito’s appointment and whose ratification was rejected by UPND Parliamentarian because he was seen as unsuitable as he was deeply conflicted.

Mr Chanda said Mr Hichilema was among the prominent politicians who strongly objected that Mr Nchito should prosecute former president Rupiah Banda because he had a vendetta against the former head of State but that it was surprising that the UPND was ready to sacrifice his political career for protecting the wrongs of the suspended DPP.

He said the UPND refused to ratify Mr Nchito as DPP but that it was worrying that its leader had suddenly started defending the same man they campaigned against.

He said the PF was aware that Mr Tayali had been bought by the cartel but cautioned that the Zambian Voice chief should be ready to be dumped after he had been used to help his sponsors achieve their objectives.

Mr Chanda said it was unfortunate that Mr Tayali had traded his soul and morals to a clique of people who over the years had abused, demonized and destroyed the lives of many innocent Zambians adding that time would come for the Zambian Voice executive director to regret his actions.

He recalled that Mr Tayali fought hard to be joined to the Zambia Development Bank (DBZ) K14 million loan scandal in which High Court Judge Nigel Mutuna ruled that Mr Nchito, his business partner Fred M’membe and Mr Nchima Nchito had obtained the loan by fraudulent misrepresentation.

“Mr Tayali wanted to be joined to the DBZ loan case and he was the voice extremely critical of Mr Nchito. I know him and each time he speaks, I hear his voice but the message is coming from some invisible hand.

If he wants to be a moralist or advocate of moral debate, let him walk the talk.

‘‘A rape allegation is very serious and if convicted, one can go to prison for life and I advise my brother not to take his battles to the former Chief Justices Annel Silungwe, Mathew Ngulube and Ernest Sakala. Mr Tayali is doing this because he knows the former Chief Justices cannot defend themselves,”Mr Chanda said.

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