Kapita speaks out


THOSE who think the UPND will form Government next year are over ambitious as they are heading for a clear shock of their lives, former UPND vice-president for administration Richard Kapita has said.

In an interview, Mr. Kapita said UPND had a lot of work to do if it was to remain relevant to the political landscape of the country.

He said there was need to overhaul the entire leadership of the UPND in order to attract a national wide character.

He said many UPND and opposition members wanted to defect to the PF because of its meaningful policies and the vision of President Lungu.

Mr Kapita said the party needed serious transformation for it  to do well in next year’s general elections, adding that there was too much discontentment among party members

He said it was true that UPND members wanted a new leadership with a different and renewed agenda which would accommodate all the people of Zambia.

“It’s a joke for anyone to think that UPND can win next year’s elections. There is need for serious reforms in the party. They need to change so many things in the way they do politics.

As at now Zambians need a leadership which thinks about their lives and not an armchair critic,” said Mr. Kapita.

“There is too much discontentment in the UPND especially in the manner things are running. Wait and see in the next few months what will happen in that party.

I am not bitter to have left the UPND, it is time for me to contribute positively to the governance of the country by working with those in leadership. I have been working with the opposition for a long time and I have realised that my contribution is nothing because I am always on the wrong side of Government,” said Mr. Kapita.

He said the PF was a party of choice now for all well-meaning Zambians whose preoccupation was development and a better Zambia.

“President Lungu has done extremely well in the few months he has been in Government for all people to see.

Even if you want to criticize him, on what basis will you do that? His Government has managed to save jobs in the mines after reviewing the mineral royalty tax from 20 per cent to nine per cent. We have seen the survival of mines now,” said Mr. Kapita.

And Mr. Kapita has urged the people of Zambia to support President Lungu if the country was to see revived development activities across the country.

He said supporting the Government was the only way the people of Zambia could work towards increasing the scope of national unity, peace and development for all the people.

“There is too much poverty in the country and we cannot always criticize for nothing. If we feel we have best ways of doing things why can we not make an effort of working with Government in order to have the development we preach about come along?” said Mr. Kapita.

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2 Responses to “Kapita speaks out”

  1. Markham says:

    Mr. Kapita, can you please simply enjoy yo stay in pf and talk abt pf not upnd because its of no relevance to you.

  2. the zambezian says:

    zambian politicians have no integrity… What has he been promised this guy for him to flip flop like this?


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