ZRA challenged over Post tax avoidance


THE Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) has been challenged to tell Zambians why it has failed to recover colossal sums of money from the Post Newspaper which it has accumulated through tax defaults instead of pursuing tenants who are already paying a lot of taxes to Government.

Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Province youth chairman Kennedy Kamba said Zambians had the right to know how much the Post Newspaper was owing Government through unpaid taxes because the money could be channelled to a lot of infrastructure development.

And Mr Kamba has chastised former Justice minister Sebastian Zulu and People’s Party president Mike Mulongoti for embarking on a slanderous campaign against President Edgar Lungu for not having rewarded them with Government jobs following their support to the ruling party in the last presidential election.

Mr Kamba said the party was aware how much the Post Newspaper owed ZRA but was wondering why there had been inertia on the part of the authority to recover the money.

He said the Post Newspaper had continued fighting President Lungu and propping Wynter Kabimba, the leader of the Rainbow Party because the newspaper did not want to pay back what it owed the Zambians through tax avoidance.

Mr Kamba said he had been reliably informed by officials within ZRA that the Post Newspaper had not settled its tax obligations as it had earlier claimed and were using the courts to avoid paying off the taxes which had accumulated to many millions of kwacha over a long period of time.

“ZRA should tell Zambians how much the Post Newspaper still owes instead of pursuing ordinary Zambians who cannot afford to build their own houses and are forced to rent. We also want to know why there had been inertia on the part of ZRA to recover the taxes from the Post. We have been reliably informed that the Post Newspaper has not settled its tax obligations with ZRA and we demand as PF youths that the money must be recovered so that it can be channeled to infrastructure development. The Post Newspaper has invested a lot in the Rainbow Party and that is why it is fighting President Lungu,” Mr Kamba said.

And Mr Kamba said Zambians were not going to vote out the PF from Government on account of President Lungu not having appointed Mr Mulongoti and Mr Zulu into Government but on the performance of the party and its leadership.

He said Mr Mulongoti had been complaining that President Lungu had not shown appreciation to the people that supported him and would therefore campaign against the PF in 2016 general elections.

Mr Kamba said President Lungu’s appointments were on merit and not based on who was making appearances at his rallies during the presidential campaigns.

He stated that Zambians were going to retain the PF in Government based on what the party would have achieved in its first term and not on account of who was not rewarded with a job for supporting the Head of State during campaigns.

Mr Kamba disclosed that Rufunsa and Luangwa districts that had been neglected since independence had been connected to the national grid and that the people in the two areas were appreciating the efforts of the Government.

He said Zambians were not worried about who should be given a job in Government but what they would benefit from the leadership of President Lungu in the remaining months before the general elections next year.

“It is shocking that Mr Mulongoti should think that Zambians will not vote for President Lungu and the PF because he has not been rewarded with a job for making appearances at the rallies during the presidential election. It is also shocking for Mr Sebastian Zulu to imagine that President Lungu is scared of the 2016 general elections when he emerged victorious when he had faced the strongest opposition even from within the PF. Zambians are going to retain the PF into Government based on what the party would have delivered and not whether Mr Mulongoti did not get a job. These are the people who are in politics to serve themselves and not the people,” Mr Kamba said.


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