Cosmo intensifies demand for ACC boss’ resignation


NATIONAL Revolution Party (NRP) has rubbished Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC’s) assertion that its appeal for the resignation of the commission’s director general Rosewin Wandi was malicious and baseless.

Yesterday, NRP president Cosmo Mumba stormed the ACC offices to deliver a letter to ACC board chairperson, Justice Timothy Kabalata, in which he charged that the commission’s responce to his appeal that Ms. Wandi should resign was immaterial because the commission failed to address the issues raised but instead rushed to call for a meeting to discuss him.

Mr. Mumba maintains that Ms. Wandi needed to resign because she had compromised the commission by ignoring already existing guidelines to probe corrupt cases conclusively and that as a result, the commission had suffered delusion that it was consistent and competent, while it was not.

“I wish to forthrightly reiterate that I did not address my appeal and concerns through you as the board chairperson, but the director general appealing for her resignation on moral grounds. I have observed with consternation, the commission’s repeated impenitent character towards sound advice and criticism,” the statement read in part.

He said that the Director General and the entire ACC needed to operate within the parameters of the Public Order Act and upholding the values of confidentiality and sensitivity to matters of national security.

“It is therefore disheartening and regrettable for a public officer to take authentic advice as intimidatory and distractfull. Our aim to give timely and sound counsel as opposed to your assertion that we are embracing a culture of intimidating public officials and institutions,” read the letter.

And addressing reporters outside the ACC office, Mr. Mumba said he had been receiving threats from some ACC officers whom he did not name after telling the Director General to resign but said he would not be distracted because his party started the fight and that it would continue until its demands were met.

He charged that there was a conspiracy among ACC officers to reprimand people that spoke against the commission and that he was one of the targets because of telling the truth which they did not want to hear.

“They have been threatening me that they would deal with me but am not scared and am now appealing to President Edgar Lungu to fire Ms. Wandi. They are witch-hunting me, they are witch-hunting Bowman Lusambo, but am not scared.

They failed to act on the issues I raised in the letter and instead opted to discuss me. The whole Commission called for a meeting to discuss me, but they failed to discuss classified information which was leaked to the Post newspaper. That is nonsensical!” Mr. Mumba said.

Mr. Mumba also dismissed assertions that he was being used by other political parties which were sponsoring him to attack other political parties and selected institutions.

“Sponsored by who? Who is sponsoring me? A person who is sponsored is one who cannot manage to put food on his table. A person who is sponsored is one who cannot manage to take his children to school.

I put food on my table, send my children to school, and am running businesses, I can afford to put talk time in my phone and no one is sponsoring me,” Mr. Mumba bragged.

But when reached for a comment over the allegations raised by Dr. Mumba which were contained in the letter to the Board Chairperson, ACC Public Relations Officer Timothy Moono said the Board Chairperson was still studying the document and could not give a comment by press time.

Mr. Moono acknowledged that the letter was delivered to the Board Director yesterday, but advised that he would not be in a position to give any reaction to the letter.

“I can confirm that we received a letter today (yesterday) but the Board Chairperson would not be in a position to give a comment right now as he would need time to study the
letter,” Mr. Moono said.

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