Bus drivers’ association officials defy court order

BUS operators have continued to defy a court order that reinstated embattled vice national secretary of the Bus and Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia (BTDAZ) George Kamwimbe.

Now his lawyers, have warned all  operators to respect the court injunction and allow him to continue in his position, failure of which they will be cited for contempt.

Mr. Kamwimbe was suspended and later expelled from the association for allegedly participating in active politics in the run-up to the January 2015 election, and  alleged misappropriation of funds.

He denied the charges and sought court protection.

However, his injunction was challenged by Humphrey Mwape, Kennedy Zyambo, Danymore Zulu, Luckey Talanti, Given Geza, Royd Silungwe and George Banda who wanted him to vacate his office.

The officials further blocked Mr. Kamwimbe from entering his office and performing his functions.

The Kabwe High Court however upheld the earlier injunction and allowed Mr Kamwimbe to continue performing his functions.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Nation in Kabwe, Mr. Kamwimbe disclosed that the respondents and other hired members were still hindering him from carrying out his functions and had blocked his access to the offices located on Freedom Way.

He claimed that his efforts to have an amicable resolution had failed as he was constantly being threatened with violence.

“Even after the court ruling, I have not resumed work because these people have locked the offices and have even been threatening me that they will organise call boys from other parts of the country to come and beat me.

“I want peace to prevail, that is the reason why I am using legal channels.

They must not deceive themselves that I am fearing anything, I just don’t want to be involved in lawlessness,” he said.

“We are sure that the judgment given by the High Court judge on 13th March 2015 has been brought to your attention, just in case it hasn’t, please seek counsel from your lawyers.

“The effect of the judgment is that the injunction against you and your co-respondent was confirmed.

Hence you are not supposed to interfere or obstruct Amos George Kamwimbe from carrying out his duties, functions and other related activities of vice national secretary of the Bus and Taxi Drivers Association of Zambia until the court so directs.

“We would not find pleasure to cite you for contempt and see you in prison but if you continue ignoring the court order, we shall have no option but to take that route.

“We do not encourage lawlessness from citizens,” read the letter from Kabesha and Company to Humphrey Mwape and six others.

The letter was also copied to Zambia Police and the respondents’ lawyers, Nanguzgambo and Partners.

But when contacted for a comment, BTDAZ national secretary Sydney Mbewe said Mr. Kamwimbe remained expelled from the association.

Mr. Mbewe said in as far as he was concerned, he was not aware of any functions that Mr. Kamwimbe was performing.

He also said other officials dragged to court by Mr. Kamwimbe were merely executing directives from the national headquarters.

“In as far as I am concerned, am not aware of any functions Mr. Kamwimbe is performing because he remains expelled. He did not challenge his expulsion and you are aware of our position because you have written about this before.

“The junior members in Kabwe are merely executing directives from the national headquarters enforcing the expulsion,” said Mr. Mbewe.

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