Rainbow Party died at its inception


Dear Editor,

I WISH to advise the PF top leadership that responding to Rainbow Party’s claims over its growing popularity is sheer waste of time and energy.

The Rainbow Party does not exist on the ground; it is a figment of imagination of the members of the cartel to motivate the funders of their activities.

Who can vote for Wynter Kabimba in this era of civilisation?

What ideology can an ordinary Zambian benefit from the Rainbow Party?

The people of Zambia still remember how he behaved in a bid to assault the justice system when he went with a galaxy of hired cadres when he was summoned at the ACC offices to explain his alleged involvement in the procurement of oil.

He further went to Western Province and promised the PF members that all of them were in a queue to be given civil service jobs whether one was qualified or not in order to consolidate his position for the PF top job.

As if that was not bad enough, Kabimba embarrassed stakeholders in the constitution-making process when they sought a meeting with him when he was Justice minister by inviting his friend’s journalists from the Post newspaper to the meeting which was meant to be a closed door one.

Given Lubinda and GBM suffered at the hands of Wynter as his men who were busy organising mock coffins against Lubinda, an innocent man.

In fact Zambia could have been more  united by now had it not been for Wynter’s divisive traits.

It is encouraging that Zambians take Wynter as a joke. Therefore,  the PF should not lose sleep but focus on redeeming the economy.

There is no doubt, this country is headed for prosperity under the leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

The image of our country is fast improving even though some prophets of doom continue to write ill of our lovely nation.

Anyway, they are fighting a losing battle. Therefore, it is realistic to conclude that the Rainbow Party died at its inception.

Enock Chulu


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