Mulongoti prodigal son – Chama


PEOPLE’s Party president Mike Mulongoti has continued attacking the Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu because he is angry that he has not been rewarded after campaigning for the Head of State in the last presidential election, party secretary general Davis Chama has said.

Mr Chama said Mr Mulongoti has been accusing the PF of being greedy probably because he had not been rewarded for supporting President Lungu in the last presidential election.

Mr Chama said Mr Mulongoti should open up and make his demands clear because the ruling party was not going to think on his behalf on why he felt he had to be rewarded for supporting the party.

He said he was surprised that Mr Mulongoti had continued attacking the PF and President Lungu after campaigning for the party in the last presidential election.

Mr Chama however said Mr Mulongoti was a prodigal son of the PF who had been leaving and coming back since 2011 and that it was his hope that he would be able to campaign for President Lungu and the PF in the 2016 general elections.

He told the Daily Nation that Mr Mulongoti campaigned for the PF in 2011 general elections and soon after started attacking late president Michael Sata and his style of governance.

Mr Chama recalled that Mr Mulongoti traversed the country with President Lungu in the last presidential election but soon after the election he started attacking the Head of State, adding that it was difficult to determine what the People’s Party leader wanted from the ruling party.

The PF chief executive said that Mr Mulongoti was on record as saying that he would never accept any appointment other than that of president and the PF could not consider him for any position because the vacancy of president was already filled by President Lungu.

“Mr Mulongoti has always been our prodigal son. In 2011, he campaigned for president Michael Sata and the Patriotic Front. Immediately we won the elections, he was on top of the roof condemning and attacking president Sata. In the last presidential election, he came back and supported President Lungu and the PF and I am surprised that he has gone away again.

Let him open up and say what he wants because his anger seems to be as a result of not being rewarded.

It is difficult for the PF to think on his behalf because he is on record that the only position he can accept is that of president which is currently occupied by President Lungu,” Mr Chama said.

Mr Chama said it was sad that Mr Mulongoti had taken a know-it-all position criticizing everything Government was doing including the developmental programmes the ruling party was implementing across the country.

He said the ruling party and President Lungu had taken a deliberate position to listen and consult as much as possible in governing the country because of the realisation that no one could have a monopoly of wisdom.

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