Juvenile Crime


The road between the Kafue round- about to Makeni has become extremely dangerous during both night and day.  During the day motorists must keep their windows firmly closed and doors locked in fear of vandals who move in hordes to terrorise and steal from unsuspecting motorists when the traffic is slow.

They will often target a vehicle, distract the driver by banging on the roof or on the side of the car and before the motorist realizes valuables from the car have been stolen.

Unfortunately this has happened to many to visiting Zambia coming for the first time or indeed those coming from outside the city.

Sadly the situation is even worse in the night when the pedestrian overhead bridge is used to drop missiles on passing cars forcing motorists to swerve and in many cases hit other vehicles.  The worst trick is dropping raw eggs onto the windscreen, which immediately impairs visibility.  In an attempt to wipe the oozing liquid, the egg coagulates, totally impairing the driver.  And when an accident happens the waiting hordes pounce on the motorists, stealing as much as they can from the car.

Numerous reports have been made to the police and yet little has been done to abate the situation.  Young boys and girls continue to roam the roads, sniffing glue and ready to pounce unhindered.

This is wrong.  It should not be happening because those children are known and indeed those who perpetrate the other crimes are also   known.  A concerted drive by police would put an end to this criminality which ordinarily would be petty but for the threat to life, when a driver loses control and hits into another.

This has happened and injuries have been horrendous and damage to property immeasurable.

What is required is determined action by the police working with the community, especially along the Kafue road, to stop this vandalism.

Our criminal intelligence system must come to grips with this situation and engage as many stakeholders as possible to remove juveniles from the roads and make the overhead bridge safe.

There is no doubt that the local community knows the people responsible for the missiles which have damaged many cars in the evil hope of stopping motorists to rob them.

It is also true that gangs of youths are now roaming many parts of Lusaka, terrorizing innocent victims in broad daylight.  Almost all fly-over bridges are patronized by these children who attack, harass and rob with impunity because the police cannot be omnipresent.

This is a serious problem that must be dealt with before it gets totally out of hand.  Some of the perpetrators of this juvenile crime are recent graduates from the Zambia National Service training programmes.

Beyond Makeni there is also the ever- present danger of cargo snatchers who climb onto slow moving trucks to pillage cargo.  Truck drivers dread passing through the Chilanga area especially at night when they are prone to attacks.

There is very urgent need to clamp down and stop this criminality.

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