Top Lozis confirm Indunas’ dismissals

Kuomboka ceremony

A meeting called to discuss the fate of the indunas of the Barotse Royal Establishment has confirmed their dismissal and the Litunga has been informed accordingly, the Daily Nation has learned.

According to reports reaching the Daily Nation, some of the former indunas failed to  attend the four-day meeting which ended on Saturday because they believed “the people have spoken and made their decision clear.”

A prominent Lozi traditionalist Prince Charles Ngalama last week clarified that some of the indunas who were dismissed performed the ritual of “kushowelela” (paying homage before the Litunga) which meant they had accepted their dismissals.

And the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) said the Kuta’s current problems emanated from its failure to chart an effective and transparent programme in actualizing the peoples’ aspirations as defined in the Barotse National Council resolutions of 2012.

BNFA deputy chairman general (strategy and diaspora liaison) Mutungulu Wanga said the organisation had since inception designed programmes aimed at aiding the Kuta to implement the resolutions but have, in some cases, faced constraints in implementing them due to dragging of feet by the Kuta.

Mr Wanga said the Kuta’s inertia in implementing the peoples’ resolutions was a source of dissatisfaction and friction with the people.

“It is incumbent upon the indunas to respond to the popular demand of the people by either defending themselves against the charges and prove their innocence or step aside to allow competent authorities to determine their fate.

“The BNFA finds it undignified for an induna to engage in a bitter exchange of words in the media with an ordinary member of society.


“Where the people are dissatisfied with the performance of a public officer they do not only have the right to demand their removal but can proceed to withdraw their recognition of the said person as holder of the particular office,” he said.

He said BNFA was appalled by the action of the Induna and had delivered a petition to the Litunga to have them fired.

Mr Wanga said it was unfit for any indunas facing public disapproval to seek refuge behind the position of the Litunga as this amounted to inciting the people against the King of the Lozi.

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