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PRESIDENT Michael Sata’s vision for working with the opposition is alive and well and those  saying it has been abandoned  are being insincere and misleading the people of Zambia, PF deputy secretary general Mumbi Phiri has said.

And Ms Phiri says the PF does not wish MMD dead but to exist and play its role in the governance of the country.

Ms. Phiri said those suggesting President Edgar Lungu had abandoned President Sata’s vision for the PF were bitter and frustrated individuals whose desire was to see the PF fail.

She explained that allowing opposition political party members to join the PF was in order because even President Sata worked with the opposition for him to form Government.

Ms. Phiri explained that President Sata worked with the UPND in what was called PF-UPND pact which later failed but most members of the UPND remained with the PF and helped the party to grow and form Government.

“Those who are saying that President Sata’s vision has been abandoned are not being sincere because President Sata was the first one to work with other opposition political parties. It was President Sata himself who started embracing the opposition; he started with the UPND MPs to come to the PF party. Those people who are saying that President Sata’s vision is abandoned are not being sincere because he started it himself. Do you remember that there was what we used to call the UPND-PF pact, he also appointed DCs across the board. Let us not lose focus because of some evil agendas being created by people with weak souls,” said Ms. Phiri who was featuring on the ZNBC Sunday Interview programme.

Ms. Phiri said the PF leadership was not worried about the Rainbow Party because it had no future.

“Some of those leaders will not rule this country. They will never be presidents of this beautiful country. You can have degrees and speak well, but leadership is from God,” she said.   And Ms. Phiri said the PF was not cannibalizing the MMD, adding that it would be sad for the country to see the former ruling party go into oblivion.

She said the party will not also chase away MMD members or those from any other political party who wanted to join the PF.

“Politics is about numbers. If they want to defect, let them come and we shall receive them. We have to welcome them and that is why my secretary general directed me to go and receive the defectors on the Copperbelt,” Ms. Phiri said.

She said PF members should not be worried because the ruling party had shown the zeal to rise from the ashes, adding that President Edgar Lungu won the presidential election after campaigning for only 21 days.

“Those who feel aggrieved by the decision of the party to fuse in defectors into the party are not following late President Michael Sata’s vision in making the Patriotic Front a national flag carrier. This is because President Michael Sata even appointed as secretary general someone from the opposition ZRP.  Where did Sylvia Masebo come from to became cabinet minister before old and dedicated members such as Jean Kapata become full Cabinet minister? Is it not the MMD? So why are you so scared that you want to block all those who want to join the PF?” Ms Phiri asked.

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