Mulusa guides contractors over pay


CONTRACTORS have been advised not to ask State House to expedite their payment.

Speaking when he toured the Landless Mumbwa Road construction project yesterday,  special assistant to the President for projects monitoring and implementation Lucky Mulusa said his office was open to assist contractors in resolving any other issues other than payment.

He asked that all contractors must forward all queries on payments to the National Roads Fund Agency (NRFA).

Meanwhile, Mr. Mulusa on Saturday shed tears when he toured the new district of Ngabwe in Central Province.

Mr. Mulusa was shocked to find that the district commissioner in Ngabwe operates from a tent under a tree.

Apart from the district commissioner operating under a tree, the police cells are a one-room former toilet.

Civil servants who operate from the new district are staying at a dilapidated private ” lodge” where they pay K1 per day.

Ngabwe district, which is about 160 west of Kabwe and takes three hours drive on a bumpy road, has no housing units for civil servants, making most of them commute between Kabwe and Ngabwe.

The area has no mobile telecommunication services.

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