Fr Bwalya rules out PF, Post reconciliation

THERE is no need for the Patriotic Front and the Post newspaper to reconcile because embarking on such an exercise will result in a trade-off between the ruling party and the media house which will force the leadership to bow down to the demands and dictates of those trying to control State power, Father Frank Bwalya has charged.

In an interview, Fr. Bwalya said it was unheard of for a newspaper to seek reconciliation with people in leadership because doing so meant that they have been maliciously attacking President Lungu.

He said there had been misguided talk about reconciliation because the media had a specific role to play in the governance of the nation.

Fr. Bwalya said in the case of the PF and the Post there was no need for reconciliation because it would be like Government had done a trade-off to receive fair coverage from the Post Newspapers.

“The media has a specific role to play in the governance of the nation in offering checks and balances and there is no way they should differ with society to a point of asking for reconciliation. So if the Post newspaper has been playing its role following media ethics of being truthful, accurate and non-malicious or devoid of scandalizing people there is no need to ask or beg for reconciliation,” said Fr. Bwalya who is also a media practitioner.

He said it was prudent for the Post newspaper to come out in the open and explain their fuse against the PF leadership, adding that the differences arose because the media house embarked on an agenda demonizing President Lungu and the PF in a manner which was totally against media ethics and lacked public decency and common sense.

“There is no need for reconciliation and what is needed for the Post is to record and report the truth, objectivity, accuracy and stop being personal and malicious to other people and in this case stop being malicious to President Lungu,” said Fr. Bwalya.

He said talking about reconciliation was pointing to a trade-off between the newspaper and the governing party in order for them to operate freely and yet the media required not to trade-off its activities in its quest to inform, educate and entertain the people. Fr. Bwalya said there was no need for reconciliation between the Post and the PF because the PF leader was conducting issues of governance in an honest manner and driving the country’s national development agenda.

“President Lungu owes nobody an apology and there is nothing to apologize about even seeking reconciliation for the position he has taken on issues of governance is a non-starter,” he said. Fr. Bwalya said the Post and its editors should abandon their agenda of malice against President Lungu and others whom they did not like.

“The Post needs to abandon the malice agenda against President Lungu. Let them be objective, let them criticize to build and not in the manner they have been doing where they are destroying President Lungu and the PF while on the other hands they are building Wynter Kabimba and his Rainbow Party,” he said.

But Mr Chama says the party was ready to reconcile with anyone who wanted to do so because it was the only way the leadership of President Lungu would promote peace, love and unity of purpose.

He said no position was permanent in life, adding that media practitioners should always exercise accuracy and objectivity and tolerance and truthfulness in the manner they reported on matters.


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