Seal porous borders-Msoni


 THE Government is losing huge sums of money in uncollected revenue at porous border points all People’s Congress Party president Nason Msoni says

Zambian borders, he said, were too porous and wide open to abuse and manipulation by outsiders.

“The Department of Immigration under the Ministry of Home Affairs can be transformed into a border agency and operate more efficiently on similar lines like the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) in terms of revenue collection,” said Mr. Msoni.

He said if well utilized and governed, borders had the potential of raising the much needed Government revenue which could be expended on other development activities.

“This is the only country where foreigners don’t cry foul about entry rules and regulations save for a few categories of visa fees,” Mr. Msoni observed.

He said Government had the responsibility of weighing the need for foreign direct investment and the security of the nation.

“The need and the desire for foreign investment to come into the country and the need for maintaining security of the nation should be weighed and balanced properly against the long-term good of the nation by ensuring that those who come here are credible and are of traceable references,” said Mr. Msoni.

He observed that the number of adults abusing girl children was as a result of a number of foreign elements coming into the country unregulated.

Mr Msoni said Zambia was the only country in the region which allowed witchdoctors and herbalists to operate freely and give them permits.

He said Government had an obligation to ensure that all foreigners who setup orphanages were properly vetted and fingerprinted and their details verified in their respective country of origin before issuing them with a certificate of registration.

Mr Msoni said in a globalized world, information and data sharing was key in ensuring that those who were undesirable to travel out of their country were kept out  for the safety of the Zambian public.

“The increasing number of foreigners brought before Zambian courts for alleged offences of indecent sexual assaults is alarming and worrisome and should now serve as an eye-opener to Government to craft a Statutory Instrument and provide further guidance on the regulation and procedures of running orphanages. Most of these suspected pedophiles have unlimited resources at their disposal to buy witnesses and subsequently succeed in subverting the course of justice. Ultimately they’re acquitted and continue with their activities. It is business as usual,” said Mr. Msoni.

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