PF, MMD merger impossible, says Nakachinda

THERE is no pact or a merger between the ruling Patriotic Front party and the opposition MMD, party spokesperson Raphael Nakachinda has said.

In an interview with the Daily Nation, Mr. Nakachinda said there was nothing that had been formally discussed on whether the two parties should enter into an electoral alliance, a merger or pact.

He said it was not possible for the PF and the MMD to merge because both political parties were big and have a popular following across the country.

Mr. Nakachinda described calls to merge with the ruling PF by some sectors of society as unpractical and impossible because the party was still strong and had structures across the country with over 500 councillors and 40 members of Parliament.

“It was not possible for the two parties to merge as the situation was now. Any attempt to do that would mean that either the MMD or the PF should dissolve itself and join the MMD or the other way round and that is impossible. Where will the 500 or 40 MPs go,” asked Mr. Nakachinda.

He said no one should tolerate the idea of either the MMD or PF swallowing the other because the act was dangerous to the development of democracy in the country.

“There is no possibility of a merger between the ruling Patriotic Front and the MMD. There is nothing like MMD being swallowed by the PF or the PF being swallowed by the MMD, this is malicious. Even this word they are using is impossible, this is unpractical for MMD and PF to merge as things stand today.

‘‘Doing so will entail that either one of the political parties dissolves itself and members move to the another political party and becomes part of it, or in this case it should be either the PF which dissolves itself and goes to the MMD or the MMD goes to the PF,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

He said those advocating a merger with the PF should realise that the former ruling party had over 3million members across the country and over 500 elected civic leaders with about 40 Members of Parliament.

Mr. Nakachinda said even UPND would not have performed well in the manner they did if it was not the confusion that engulfed the MMD prior to the election which ended into the MMD splitting into three factions.

“They (PF) felt that if we could find ways to harmonize ourselves in national interest and work together in 2016 as a united front and that is the way things are as at now. But in so far as to whether that proposal has been attended to, we have not attended to the proposal because nothing has been discussed.

‘‘In short there is no alliance between the PF and the MMD. There is no electoral pact or anything of that sort with the PF. We have not officially agreed on anything and that proposal is out there and Zambians are waiting to hear,” said Mr. Nakachinda.

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