Litunga’s Kuta remains locked


THE Barotse Royal Establishment Kuta in Limulunga has remained closed despite the establishment having refuted reports that  Indunas have been dismissed by the Litunga of Western Province.

According to information reaching the Daily Nation, the Indunas had as at yesterday not reported for work, which was a sign that they were dismissed.

The information further revealed that the Barotse National Freedom Alliance (BNFA) and other Lozi officials would on Friday meet to address the “boiling” issue in the region.

And clarifying the matter to the Daily Nation, prominent Lozi traditionalist Prince Charles Ngalama said the Indunas were holding their positions on behalf of the people who had a right to decide what to do with them.

Prince Ngalama said it was not the first time that the Kuta had been dissolved and that the people through the Litunga had the power to remove them.

“If the same Indunas claim that they were not fired, why is it that they did not report to the Kuta today (yesterday)?” Infact the people have the right to fire those Indunas because they were entrusted by them,” he said.

The prince explained that it was wrong for outsiders to start condemning the dismissal of the Indunas because each and every tradition had its own guidelines.

“If they say that it is not true that they were dismissed, how come some of the Indunas performed the ritual of ‘kushowelela’ (paying homage) before the Litunga for dismissing them? This was because they have accepted to move away,” he said.

Prince Ngalama, a member of the Lozi royal family, said there was nothing special about the Indunas because if they were not handling the issues of tradition properly, they could be removed as they held their positions in trust of the people, and that even the Litunga could not go against the will of the people.

“There is nothing wrong if the people decide to remove them. If that could happen to the Ngambela who hold the highest position in the Lozi tradition, what more the Indunas.

“We had Nawa Matongo and others, they were removed from their positions, and we also had Ngambela Maxwell Mututwa and Ngambela Mufaya Mumbuna all these were removed by the will of the people,” he said.

He said the petition by the people was not only the right action to take, but also valid and justified,.

Prince Ngalama said the dismissal of the Indunas was final and that no one should be held responsible, just like was the case when any government was voted out of power.

“This is a situation for which you could not question anyone because it is the will of the people. I have never seen any losing government summon the electorate for not voting for them, it is the people to decide what is good for them,” he said.

Prince Ngalama said there was no room for erring and disloyal public representatives, especially at a time when there were issues of struggle for the actualization of the Barotseland freedom.

But the Barotse Freedom Movement national secretary Chazele Mulasikwanda advised the people who wanted to politicize the issues of Barotseland to stop.

Mr Mulasikwanda said there were people who wanted to bring confusion in Barotseland.

He said no one had the right to dismiss the Indunas without following procedure.

Mr Mulasikwanda claimed that there were people who wanted to see that the people of Barotseland were not peaceful by making unprecedented decisions that were aimed at bringing division among the people.

He said it was better to tell the Indunas where they went wrong rather  than dismissing them.

Mr Mulasikwanda claimed that not all the Indunas had abrogated the tradition, saying it was going to be fair if the right procedure was followed by removing only those who were in the wrong.

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