Apologise to Lungu before reconciliation


 PRESIDENT Edgar Lungu should be ready to face the wrath of Zambians if he  allows  himself to be hijacked by a clique of individuals who colonized former presidents Levy Mwanawasa and Michael Sata whom they abused by setting them against other Zambians under the pretext of fighting corruption, the Zambia Republican Party (ZRP) has warned.

ZRP president Write Musoma said Zambians had not forgotten that a clique of individuals had taken Dr Mwanawasa and Mr Sata hostage and used the surrogated powers to harass, victimise and persecute their perceived political enemies.

He said the era of hijacking State power and State institutions should come to an end and that President Lungu should be careful with reconciliation manoevres by some section of society because such schemes were aimed at colonizing the presidency.

Mr Musoma warned that the group of individuals and institutions calling for a truce with President Lungu were not only politically dangerous but had the ability to sabotage the economy of the country.

He said those who had started begging for reconciliation with State House and the Patriotic Front (PF) had started missing State power which they enjoyed as surrogates and should therefore not be allowed to get near President Lungu.

Mr Musoma said the media complaining that it had been sidelined by President Lungu had been defaming, slandering and maligning the Head of State because they had not accepted he had been elected to govern the country.

Mr Musoma said when President Lungu fell ill during the International Women’s Day, some media houses celebrated and used the Head of State indisposition to mount a slanderous campaign which he said was unZambian and against the virtues and morals of a Christian country.

“As the Zambia Republican Party, we feel compelled to comment on the calls by some newspaper that enjoyed State power when President Michael Sata was alive that there must be reconciliation between State House and the said newspaper because we feel this would be a dangerous route to take. President Lungu already knows what motivates this group of people to attack a sitting Head of State.  We have had terrible experiences with the clique that has mastered the art colonizing leaders and demonising those they hate and President Lungu should completely dispense with such groups because they are a danger to the governance and political stability of the country,” Mr Musoma said.

He said the people fighting President Lungu had continued attacking him over his decision to constitute a tribunal to investigate suspended Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) Mutembo Nchito so that he could be investigated over an array of charges he had been arraigned with.

Mr Musoma said it was most likely that some of the witnesses in the Annel Silungwe-chaired Tribunal would be able to reveal that Mr Nchito was a beneficiary of the Zamtrop account for which he persecuted second republican president Frederick Chiluba.

He said Zambians were eager to see the tribunal conduct its investigations and that it was their hope that the matter would be brought to its logical conclusion in the shortest possible time.

Mr Musoma said those calling for reconciliation with State House should be magnanimous enough and apologise to the Head of State for their actions before seeking for truce with the President.

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