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MOTORISTS must be road safety conscious and avoid getting involved in road crashes that have led to loss of lives, Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) chief executive officer Zindaba Soko has said.

Mr Soko said this during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between RTSA and the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) yesterday.

He said all stakeholders had a role to play in reducing road carnages that had led to loss of productive lives.

“Motorists should be road conscious all the time to avoid getting involved in crashes that lead to loss of lives. I urge all stakeholders to play a role in reducing road carnages that have taken lives of productive citizens who can contribute to the development of this country,” he said.

The MoU aims to strengthen areas of collaboration between the two institutions as they executed their mandates.

He said the MoU will enable the two institutions conduct joint enforcement patrols on the roads to ensure compliance by transporters of petroleum products in line with safety measures that are aimed at reducing road crash related fatalities.

“The MoU will see the RTSA and ERB conducting joint enforcement patrols from time to time to ensure among other things compliance of petroleum transporters with road safety measures implemented by the two institutions,” he said.

Mr Soko acknowledged the risks associated with the transportation of petroleum products hence hailed the move to partner with ERB who had the expertise and technical knowhow on safety requirements.

And speaking at the same event, ERB executive director Langiwe Lungu said the partnership between the two institutions would promote efficiency in compliance with monitoring as regards tankers transporting petroleum products.

She said such patrols would enhance safety on public roads as well as protect the environment from pollution in an event of a spillage.

Ms. Lungu has warned of prosecution to perpetual offenders and called on transporters to adhere to road safety measures set by the two institutions.

“To this effect the ERB and RTSA will conduct joint operations that will see to it that perpetual offenders are prosecuted. This will also enhance safety on public roads as well as protect the environment from pollution in an event of a spillage,” she said.

Under section 4(1) of act number 11 of 2002, RTSA is mandated to implement policy on road transport, traffic management and road safety while ERB has no mandate to stop and inspect fuel tankers on public roads.



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