Be careful, Lungu warned

home affairs minister Edgar Lungu

home affairs minister Edgar Lungu

THE Patriotic Front (PF) and President Edgar Lungu must be careful with divisive groups that have been sowing seeds of dessent and discord in the ruling party but are now begging for reconciliation with the ruling party, civil rights activist Brebner Changala has warned.

And Information and Broadcasting Minister Chishimba Kambwili has charged that the Post Newspaper should blame itself for making the Patriotic Front (PF) and its President Edgar Lungu their enemy number one.

Mr Changala cautioned that President Lungu should not fall into the temptation of interacting with a clique of individuals whose agenda had always been to hijack State power and colonise Presidents.

He told the Daily Nation that Zambians were aware that there was a marriage of convenience between former President Michael Sata and Post Newspaper owner Fred M’membe and it was important that President Lungu did not fall into the trap of being held hostage.

Mr Changala said Zambians were aware that the same group that demonized former President Levy Mwanawasa before he became president ended up hijacking him and for seven years, the late head of state was being held hostage by the clique.

He said when former President Rupiah Banda refused to yield to their schemes, they made him their enemy and that President Lungu should learn from what happened to his predecessor and avoid trading his authority with cosmetic friendship the Post Newspaper was asking for.

Mr Changala stated that the greatest danger of the reconciliation is that President Lungu risks being colonized and held hostage by those who have mastered the art of hijacking State power by fraternising with Presidents.

“The greatest danger is that President Lungu could become another hostage if he decides to go to bed with the Post Newspaper like his predecessor was. This must never happen again in this country where a Head of State is held captive by a clique of individuals,” Mr Changala said.

He said the cartel that held president Sata hostage was highly vindictive and that President Lungu should not fall into the trap of reconciliation with the same people who have continued working at dividing his party.

Mr Changala explained unless the reconciliation was going to be for the total benefit of a wider society, the Head of State should be careful with who should be his friends because some people had already exhibited grand hatred against him and were praying for his downfall in the 2016 general elections.

And Mr. Kambwili said it was highly mischievous for the Post Newspaper to continue to attack President Lungu in the manner it was doing and should therefore blame themselves for creating an impression that the PF was their number one enemy.

He said he found it extremely malicious for the Post Newspaper to continue with its negative reportage on President Lungu, adding that the route the newspaper  and its editor have taken was unprofessional.

Mr. Kambwili said after President Sata’s death, the Post started attacking the PF for no apparent reason stating that the newspaper could have taken such a position because their preferred candidate did not succeed.

He said the only mistake President Lungu could have committed was to say that he would recover the K14 billion the Post owes the people of Zambia.

“I think from my own understanding, when we were campaigning President Lungu had indicated that he would follow those who owed Government money in tax and the Post is one of them. You know that they owe ZRA huge sums of money and the infamous K14 billion. You know that President Lungu said he would recover this money on behalf of Zambians because this money did not belong to Fred M’membe and his friends,’ Mr Kambwili said.


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