Lozis insist Kuta remains dissolved


THE Kuta, the highest law-making organ of the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE), will remain dissolved and the Indunas fired until the Litunga, the King of the Lozi people of Western Province, decides to appoint a new crop of loyal and disciplined Indunas, Mulele Mumbisho has declared.

Mr Mumbisho, popularly known as Mwaya Muchembele said it was not up to the Indunas to legimatise themselves and decide whether they should remain in the Kuta as their mandate to serve the Litunga was solely decided by the people.

He said yesterday that the Indunas had been plotting against the Litunga and the people in Western Province were angry and had decided to have them fired.

Mr Mumbisho said the Kuta, which is a composition of the Indunas, had been found faulty and wanting and the only reasonable action was for the Litunga to fire the trustees because they had become a danger to peace and governance of the Barotse Royal Establishment.

He said the people of Western Province had decided and were not going to allow the fired Indunas to continue using the Kuta to continue with their covert and clandestine activities against the Litunga.

Mr Mumbishu said time had come to save the Litunga from embarrassment and ridicule which had been caused by the disloyal Indunas whom he accused of having violated the sanctity of Lozi tradition and culture.

“The situation as it is now is that the Indunas remain fired and it is not up to them to decide to stay at the Kuta. The Kuta has been dissolved and this effectively leaves them fired. They are the trustees of the people and with their clandestine and covert activities; they have lost the trust of the people. The Litunga is the highest authority and he is in the hands of the people. He has decided to dissolve the Kuta and if the fired Indunas insist on staying, let them know that they will not be allowed to use the Kuta.  Let them meet in their homes because our interest is to serve the Litunga from the ridicule and embarrassment created by the fired Indunas,” Mr Mumbishu said.

He said the Litunga was the Kaongolo ka Nyambe and the Indunas who were expected to serve him had become the traitors and could therefore not be allowed to continue being close to the Lozi King.

Mr Mumbishu said the people were aware that the fired Indunas were seeking the protection of Government but that the people in the region had resolved to have the Induas out of the Kuta.

He wondered why the Indunas were insisting on remaining in the Kuta when their services to the Litunga were voluntary.

Mr Mumbishi revealed that on the day the people besieged the Kuta. The Litunga was there and allowed them to petition him on the dismissal of all the Indunas because it was difficult to trace who was plotting the palace coup.

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